10 Sacrifices You Have To Make To Be Happy


Happiness Is A Choice

Abraham Lincoln said once, “Happiness is a choice. Most folk are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” The wisdom of Mr. Abe is true. Happiness is a personal choice. No one else but you can make it. Sometimes that means making sacrifices to break the current status quo in your life. If you’re feeling a bit blue right now, here are a few sacrifices you might consider making in order to turn that frown upside-down.

#10: Career-wise, do what you love

In my work life, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of meeting two kinds of people. The first was a group of people who left their jobs they were comfortable with just because they were blinded by the fact they could make a truckload of money in another. They’ve turned out miserable; caught up in the circumstance they put themselves in.

you go girl.

On the other hand, I’ve met people who did struggle with their career early on, but found their true calling even if it didn’t offer them the same salary or benefits of a corporate job. Theirs is a content, fulfilled, and happy life.

listen to your heart

I was jumping from job-to-job until I figured out what I really wanted to do: writing. Now, I’m able to share my experience with you guys here. Take it from me. Money is the answer to a lot of problems, but not lack of happiness. Go and find that thing that makes you tick. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see.

#9: Stop pleasing others

Having everyone’s friendship and approval never happens.

Before you Judge me... Make sure that you're Perfect

You can’t befriend and please everybody. Find out who are worth creating friendships and delighting. I’ll admit this often “trial and error”, but it’ll pay off once you find out who they are.

#8: Exercise

Bumming is fun. Who hasn’t enjoyed with the idea of just being a couch potato at home watching movie and having a beer with a bag of chips? But if you really want to be happy, get off your couch and get some blood pumping.

Drop and give me zen: drop regrets, drop limited beliefs, drop resentments, drop doubts, drop worries. #zen #happiness

According to an article at fitday.com, exercising releases endorphins making you…well…happy! What’s even better is you can spread the happiness by exercising with your friends.

#7: Save up

We live in a “acquire more” generation. It’s all about having the newest Apple product or the latest Android gadget. Stop buying what you don’t need.


Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge.

Save your cash. It might hurt now, but it’ll be beneficial for you and your family (if ever) later on.

#6: Be debt-free

In conjunction with #5, don’t borrow money to buy stuff you don’t need or can’t even afford. Remember, it’s better to have cash on hand than liquid assets that depreciate over time like a cellphone, computer, or car.

#5: Break it off with your girlfriend/boyfriend

Stop being caged in a relationship. Give yourself a chance to breathe again. Free yourself to meet new people, focus on career, or maintain your present relationships with friends and family members you probably neglected while you were in a relationship.


Find God, find yourself – that’s what will make you complete.

#4: Get off social media

Don’t spend too much time on social media. Your Facebook friends don’t count. Most of them are just acquaintances, anyway. Spend time with your real friends. Watch a movie or hang out with them.

#3: Stop wallowing

Whether if it was a break-up with your significant other or a really bad divorce, let yourself grieve and move on.

self worth

The only member of a pity party is you, and that’s just sad. Get some help from family and close friends.

#2: Cry

Releasing your emotions once in a while is healthy. Men, this special shout out goes out to all of you. Stop pretending to be okay when you’re not.


Keep in mind that it’s okay not to be okay. If you’re in a relationship, showing emotions like depression or frustration is good, but don’t wallow. That’s never beneficial for any party.

#1: Stop procrastinating

What are you doing still reading this article? Find what makes you happy and do it now! Go!

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10 Sacrifices You Have To Make To Be Happy