13 Signs Your Employees Hate You


Do my employees hate me? Let’s find out. Here are 13 signs that they probably do.

1. Mood swings

Whenever you call for meetings or simply approach them, they quickly change moods. People around you either look scared, overly serious or annoyed. You have that kind of power.

2. Sick day spree

sick day spree!

They exhaust their sick leaves just to get away from you. An inside competition on who gets to use up their sick days off first is likely to exist. Just a day without you is like breaking free from a cage.

3. Exemplary office ninjas

A man standing in an empty office

Where the heck are they?!

Suddenly, you notice the corridors are empty. Their stations are unmanned at the strike of lunch time and you rarely see them riding in the same elevator as you. Yes, you trained them well.

4. You always create a one-man team

No one wants to be automatically on your side whenever you propose a project. So you have no choice but to manually select who to work with yourself.

5. They rather be shady

nope, not doing this

Have you heard any side stories about their lives lately? Oh, you know the one they personally told you about. Nada, right? They’d rather not share information about themselves to you unless necessary.

6. Discreet complaining

The HR department informs you that they have been receiving relentless complaints from your employees about you. As they say, sky’s the limit.

7. You only hear an echo of your laugh whenever you crack a joke or deliver a punch line


How they really react when you crack a joke…

A faint smile just comes across their faces no matter how funny the joke is. Or if you’re sharp, you can detect a fake laugh hanging around the room.

8. Work Productivity is down and is even decreasing

pretend work

You’ll just catch yourself asking, “What happened?” Before they got to know you, they were like talented, super individuals that are high-strung to take on any challenge that work throws at them. And now? It’s as if they were introduced to a mutated kryptonite.

9. No personal invitations to functions outside work

You just heard news that a fellow in your team is celebrating his birthday today. He asks everyone (secretly) in the team except you.

10. Do you have any friends among your team?


You feel you can only relate to a few people— or no one— on your staff. You don’t get to hang-out much (or at all) with some people in your team.

11. No one eats with you (voluntarily), unless you say it’s a team lunch out and you’re paying

Eating by yourself while you see your team members together munching away, passing by or just coming from a restaurant, makes you feel a bit of a sting, doesn’t it? Do you see anyone approaching you and asking if they could join you or you to them?

12. Resignation letters everywhere!

More than the average love letters you receive on Valentine’s Day, the stack of resignation notices on your desk are starting to pile up. Of course, there could be other reasons why but who are you kidding? Wouldn’t it be the right time to realize something?

13. When they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.


Casual or small talks become nonexistent simply because it only turns too awkward and dead. They talk behind your back and even throw a mini-party whenever you’re not around. Yay!

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One thought on “13 Signs Your Employees Hate You

  1. I just found your blog a few days ago. Your articles are well written and I hope you continue to write more. I’ve mentioned your posts to my wife and sister. We all thought you were a wise middle aged man, until we noticed the bio on the side. I think that’s a good thing ( wise beyond your years comes to mind ).

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13 Signs Your Employees Hate You