About Us

“What’s What With A Glass of Milk”

Fresh Milk is a community of eccentric individuals sent to tingle your bored minds with a playful manipulation of “what’s what“.

We deliver to your doorstep only the freshest whims and deepest ponderings of modern society’s favorite internet clichés, I mean archetypes: Business, Technology, Lifestyle and Health

 A (very) brief history of Fresh Milk:

Fresh Milk was born on August 2013, in a poorly lit room with 7 thirsty people (had they been hungry, the site might’ve been named “Fresh Meat” instead).

After quenching their thirst, oddly enough – not by drinking milk, the ideas started to come. And after 28 minutes of laughter… Fresh Milk was born.

A little more information:

The idea behind Fresh Milk is to replicate the morning routine of sipping coffee while reading a newspaper. But, let’s be honest, today’s generation isn’t reading newspapers. Most of us are only compelled to read stuff if:

#1 – They’re on a screen
#2 – They’re crazy interesting
#3 – Knowing such information makes you cool

check, check, check!


Behind these crazy ideas, our intentions are pure. It is imperative that people are always informed – be it about the latest gadgets or the most painful diets. Our information is here to nurture you…

Guys ‘n gals, welcome to Fresh Milk!

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