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6 Actors Who Are Typecast In Similar Roles

When watching films, sometimes there’s a sense of déjà vu, especially when you get used to the same actor play the same character model again and again. It’s undeniably true. Some actors have become so good that hey shine in that particular role. Others have become typecast because they’ve played archetype over, and over, and over again. Here are 6 actors in today’s cinema that are typecast in certain molds.

#1: Liam Neeson | Archetype: The Father Figure

One look at Neeson’s recent film roles and you’ll agree to this. He plays a father figure-cum-Messianic figure to the Pevensie siblings as Aslan in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe; to Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace; to Burce Wayne as Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins and Talia as revealed in The Dark Knight Rises; ex-CIA agent Brian Mills and kick-ass father who scours the world for his daughter, and later, his family in Taken and Taken 2, respectively; and Admiral Shane in the recent Battleship.

Admittedly, though, the typecast suits him. Especially with the Taken film series. Who wouldn’t want a dad who’d beat up terrorists and take down criminal organizations halfway across the globe just to save your life?

#2: Reggie Lee | Archetype: The Asian Sidekick/Henchman

He played Tai Huang, second fiddle to Chow Yun Fat’s Captain Sao Feng in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Sergeant Wu on Grimm, and Quan Chang in Safe to name a few.

reggie lee

His characters are always in the sidelines, with minimal lines, instead of the forefront. It’d be interesting to see him play a crime lord or gang leader. As to when, only time will tell.

 #3: Eddie Murphy and #4: Chris Tucker | Archetype: The Talkative Black Guy

eddie murphy mushu

Never mind if he’s in a fat suit (The Nutty Professor films) or the voice behind an animated creature (Mulan and the Shrek series), Eddie Murphy is always the character with the hyperactive mouth. Even as Jack McCall in 2012’s A Thousand Words was jinxed not to speak, it was a bit off-putting. Really, Eddie Murphy’s character NOT talking? That’s a first.

In Chris Tucker’s short body of work, even he can’t be dismissed from this mold. From The Fifth Element all the way to Rush Hour’s 1, 2, and 3, he’s running his mouth, with a high-pitched voice to match his talkativeness to boot.

#5: Samuel L. Jackson | Archetype: Himself

samuel jackson

In nearly all his movies, you can tell the moment he opens his mouth that he’s playing himself. It’s like the guy brings the same attitude with him in all his roles. It’s getting pretty stale, Sam. Even as a Jedi in the Star Wars prequels we were waiting for you to go all Jules Winnfield on Yoda Anakin the Emperor* ANYBODY!

#6: Michelle Rodriguez | Archetype: The Macho Girl

michelle rodriguez

Have you seen any of her films? Right off the bat: The Fast & The Furious movie series, S.W.A.T. (where she co-starred with actor #5), and Avatar, she’s always the tough girl/tomboy, or quite simply: a girl doing a man’s job. And she’s totally fine with it .

Weird But Awesome Japanese Inventions Part1

The Japanese are weird. There, I said it. But not in a “Eeew, they’re so weird” way, but a “They invented that? Awesome!” way. Which is good.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of strange inventions on the web that could only come from the land of the rising sun. How do they come up with those ideas? Is it because they read from right to left instead of the traditional left to right? Is it because they figured out a way to tap into both left- and right- brain functions at the same time? We’ll never know. But here’s the first set of 10 Japanese inventions found on the Internet that ooze creativity and weird.

1)      Train Nap Cap

All you need to do is wear, attach to train window, and sleep. Train commuters who end up dozing off during long rides may find this useful, as long as they find a seat, of course. It would be awkward wearing this assuming a standing position. Actually, that would be funny.

2)      Butter Stick

butter stick japanese inventions

It’s a stick of butter in a container that makes it look like a huge lip balm. Cool!

3)      Baby Mop

It’s annoying when tots make a mess and you have to clean up after them. With these jammies, your kids can clean up after their drool, pee, or vomit just by crawling over it. You’ll never have to wipe their mess again!

4)      Umbrella Tie:

japanese umbrella tie

An umbrella you can wear as a tie. You’ll always be rain-ready with this doohickey.

5)      Ear Plug Earrings:

Nifty for when you’re in lengthy meetings or if you want to doze off peacefully without any noise. There should be a guy version of this!

6)      Extendo Spoon

extendo spoon

Mix a TV antenna with a spoon and you get the extendo spoon! You can poke someone from a great distance or use it as a spare antenna if need be.

7)      Napkin Pants

chindogu napkin pants

These are ingenious actually, as guys tend to wipe their hands on their pants when there’s no tissue. But maybe they could’ve put it in front and not the back, unless they’re trying to make a fashion statement.

8)   Easy Eye Drops Glasses:

eye drops glasses

Never waste an eye drop when you’re wearing these babies! Hmm…can you read with them, though? I wonder.

9)      Chopsticks Fan:

Chopsticks. With a fan. Only the Japanese could’ve come up with this. Their genius may be bizarre, but undeniably mind-blowing.

10)  Handy Chopper:

It looks like you’re holding another person’s hand while chopping, which is gross. But at least it was designed with safety in mind. You won’t have any problems losing your fingers when chopping fruits and veggies.

Stay tuned for part 2!

True Or False: Alcohol Makes Us Productive/Creative

 Ever been drunk or tipsy from an alcoholic drink before? You probably realized that it wasn’t a good idea. Your proper brain functions become impaired and your body is rendered really sluggish. It seems as if time is moving really slow for you. In other extremes, you pass out from extreme intoxication, or vomit. If so, do alcoholic beverages contribute to us be more creative and productive human beings? Let’s take a look.

Alcohol contains ethanol, a substance that contributes several negative effects to the brain and body. In terms of brain functions, ethanol severely affects the brains neurotransmitters, where signals travel from brain to body and back, according to an article in the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. This in turn impairs thought process, takes away our inhibitions, and mood control.

Once the brain is affected, the body follows suit. Normal functions are also impeded because of one’s inebriation. Sight is blurred, speech is unintelligible, and movement very lethargic.


If you’ve experienced being or have seen people under the influence of alcohol, you can sense that there is a huge disconnection between brain and body. A totally different side of a person can emerge because of the effects of intoxication: lowered inhibitions, and affected brain processes.


This is why drunks tend to say or do things that are totally out of character. A quiet person may suddenly become talkative and say very incoherent phrases. A talkative person may become quiet and suddenly fall asleep or pass out due to the amount of alcohol in their system. Others start fights. Some may end up puking their guts out (a bodily defense for flushing the alcohol out of the system). The list goes on and on, but the harmful effects of alcohol are undeniable.

What then does this have to do with being productive and creative? Absolutely nothing. The negative effects of alcohol prove just that. Having a meaningful work experience means feeding your mind with things that encourage inspiration and innovation, not a substance that dulls your senses.

Love & alcohol... Good times being bad!

As mentioned above, if the brain doesn’t function properly, the body won’t, too. Alcoholic beverages weren’t meant as an energy or work drink anyways, but for leisure. Ever see someone who drank wine or beer to be more focused? No. Maybe a glass of vodka, but that’s when the day has died down and one needed to unwind.

UK-based writer Joanna Penn mentions in one of her blog articles that William Faulkner separated his writing and drinking. Having an alcoholic beverage was only done to de-stress. Faulkner stated that drinking did not contribute positively to the creative process.

Prohibition of alcohol or "Dry Law".

Penn kindly reminds readers,

You can have a few drinks without it affecting your writing or your life. It can be a pleasure, if not abused.”

The assumption that alcohol ushers creativity is false. If writing, a highly imaginative and innovative type of work, is not supported by a lifestyle of consuming alcoholic beverages, then this follows suite with all other kinds of vocations. Think before you drink. It could very well save your career.

10 Sacrifices You Have To Make To Be Happy


Happiness Is A Choice

Abraham Lincoln said once, “Happiness is a choice. Most folk are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” The wisdom of Mr. Abe is true. Happiness is a personal choice. No one else but you can make it. Sometimes that means making sacrifices to break the current status quo in your life. If you’re feeling a bit blue right now, here are a few sacrifices you might consider making in order to turn that frown upside-down.

#10: Career-wise, do what you love

In my work life, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of meeting two kinds of people. The first was a group of people who left their jobs they were comfortable with just because they were blinded by the fact they could make a truckload of money in another. They’ve turned out miserable; caught up in the circumstance they put themselves in.

you go girl.

On the other hand, I’ve met people who did struggle with their career early on, but found their true calling even if it didn’t offer them the same salary or benefits of a corporate job. Theirs is a content, fulfilled, and happy life.

listen to your heart

I was jumping from job-to-job until I figured out what I really wanted to do: writing. Now, I’m able to share my experience with you guys here. Take it from me. Money is the answer to a lot of problems, but not lack of happiness. Go and find that thing that makes you tick. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see.

#9: Stop pleasing others

Having everyone’s friendship and approval never happens.

Before you Judge me... Make sure that you're Perfect

You can’t befriend and please everybody. Find out who are worth creating friendships and delighting. I’ll admit this often “trial and error”, but it’ll pay off once you find out who they are.

#8: Exercise

Bumming is fun. Who hasn’t enjoyed with the idea of just being a couch potato at home watching movie and having a beer with a bag of chips? But if you really want to be happy, get off your couch and get some blood pumping.

Drop and give me zen: drop regrets, drop limited beliefs, drop resentments, drop doubts, drop worries. #zen #happiness

According to an article at, exercising releases endorphins making you…well…happy! What’s even better is you can spread the happiness by exercising with your friends.

#7: Save up

We live in a “acquire more” generation. It’s all about having the newest Apple product or the latest Android gadget. Stop buying what you don’t need.


Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge.

Save your cash. It might hurt now, but it’ll be beneficial for you and your family (if ever) later on.

#6: Be debt-free

In conjunction with #5, don’t borrow money to buy stuff you don’t need or can’t even afford. Remember, it’s better to have cash on hand than liquid assets that depreciate over time like a cellphone, computer, or car.

#5: Break it off with your girlfriend/boyfriend

Stop being caged in a relationship. Give yourself a chance to breathe again. Free yourself to meet new people, focus on career, or maintain your present relationships with friends and family members you probably neglected while you were in a relationship.


Find God, find yourself – that’s what will make you complete.

#4: Get off social media

Don’t spend too much time on social media. Your Facebook friends don’t count. Most of them are just acquaintances, anyway. Spend time with your real friends. Watch a movie or hang out with them.

#3: Stop wallowing

Whether if it was a break-up with your significant other or a really bad divorce, let yourself grieve and move on.

self worth

The only member of a pity party is you, and that’s just sad. Get some help from family and close friends.

#2: Cry

Releasing your emotions once in a while is healthy. Men, this special shout out goes out to all of you. Stop pretending to be okay when you’re not.


Keep in mind that it’s okay not to be okay. If you’re in a relationship, showing emotions like depression or frustration is good, but don’t wallow. That’s never beneficial for any party.

#1: Stop procrastinating

What are you doing still reading this article? Find what makes you happy and do it now! Go!