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11 Weird Products That Made Millions

There are just some things in this world that do not have explanations. Aside from ghostly creatures and other spiritual circumstances, the material world possesses bizarre products that you never expect to be accepted and wanted by many people. Take a look at these 11 weird products that made loads of cash.

1. Tennis Racket Made of Cow Intestines

tennis cow

If you think cow intestines are pulled out only for meat-eaters’ food, you’re wrong. In 1875, Pierre Babolat came up with the first ever tennis racket that’s made of cow’s small intestines. Consisting of 120 feet in length, the intestines were first treated with chemicals for preservation and dried the strands for six weeks to prevent cracking. Surprisingly, the end product has been wanted by so many of the world’s best professional tennis players.

2. Pet Rock

pet rock

Who would want a rock as a pet? While the natural way of thinking says that only animals can be treated as pets, a former advertising executive named Dahl sold rocks that were placed on hay complete with the pet training manual and a card board box for $3.95. Each sale gave him $3 as profit. The idea became a hit and became one of the greatest trends for the record.

3. Doggles


It’s not only humans who wear sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun. Our dogs can also don a pair of sunglasses that look like goggles. These accessories, called Doggles, are invented to protect our pets’ eyes from the sun’s glare all the same. They also help to keep off the dirt and dust in the atmosphere and wind so dogs would not produce tears as much. These spectacles for dogs were sold at $19.90. Many pet owners loved the idea.

4. iFart Mobile Application


This is not a tangible product but one that entertains everyone in the family or a group of friends. The iFart mobile application sounded like an absurd idea. It retailed at $0.99, just like any other regular apps newly released in the AppStore. Joel Comm, its creator, got the last laugh, as the application sold like pancakes in the market. To date, the app has over 600,000 downloads!

5. Snuggie


A common sight in airplanes, snuggie is a blanket worn as clothing. Especially in long flights when passengers cannot take the cold, they wear snuggies instead of covering themselves with jacket, sweater or thick socks and leggings to reach out for warmth and comfort. Price of a snuggie ranges from $10 to $20. To date, there are over 20 million people who bought this blanket wrap.

6. Slinky


With over 250 million of profit and counting, Naval engineer Richard James’ innovation is nothing but brilliant. It is called Slinky, a pre-compressed helical spring that was born in the 1940s. “Slinky” is a Swedish word meaning “sleek” or “sinuous.” This toy was made in two years and now has become one of the classic toys ever made. It stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps one end at a time.

7. Magic 8 Ball

Another toy that made millions was the Magic 8 Ball. No, this toy does not have magic powers but it has the power to keep you entertained for several minutes while playing it. It appears as a crystal sphere used by fortune tellers to predict the nearest future. Typically used for entertainment, this ball became most popular in the 1950s when most fortune-telling fans bought the idea.

8. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass

The Big Mouth Billy Bass appears as a mounted game fish but actually it is a toy that sings kitschy cover songs. The material is made of latex rubber stretched over a plastic mechanical frame. The fish would play music when an unsuspecting person passed by.

9. Furby


Originally released in 1998, the Furby toy which looked like an owl that had two feet, two eyes, two rabbit years and a beak of a bird quickly became a fad. Standing at six inches, this toy could speak in English but more like gibberish English. The price skyrocketed at $40 and the business became very rewarding.

10. Tamagotchi


Generation X and Generation Y people probably had gotten the most enjoyment in playing this little toy called Tamagotchi. If your parents do not allow you to have pets at home, consider getting this electric pet. You can have a dog, bird, cat, fish, dinosaur and other animals that you feed, play with and take care every day. Tamagotchi starts with a battery-powered egg that hatches into an electronic pet you watch on screen.

11. Beanie Babies


Invented by Ty Warner in 1995, Beanie Babies gave a profit of over $700 million. Beanie Babies are stuffed toys that are not made out of cotton and regular materials but of beans or plastic pellets. Because of this, they are cheaper and hence more affordable for the common public to buy.

The market is really a hit or miss. While some function to improve or save people’s lives, some are there to add spark of genius and make things easier for us. There are so many unique creations made and even if they do not have reasonable justifications for our use, people still embrace the idea until they become the next craze.

Should The Darker Realistic Approach In Today’s Superhero Movies Still Continue?

Darker reboots. Cinema in the naughties can be summed up by those two words, especially with comic book/superhero movies, thanks in part to Christopher Nolan’s and his re-imagining of DC Comics’ Dark Knight in Batman Begins (2005). The British director’s realistic re-interpretation of Batman was a critical and box office success, lauded for its grittiness and “humanity”, with the focus of Bruce Wayne’s emotional journey as the hero “…Gotham City deserves, but not the one it needs.”, according to Commissioner Gordon.

x-men-first-class-1920x1080 The-Amazing-Spider-Man skyfall-1 Man-of-Steel-banner dark_knight_villains

Batman Begins birthed two sequels, The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Both also were box-office hits and well received by critics. Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy influenced several movies to re-imagine their character’s and stories in the same light. X-Men: First Class, The Amazing Spider-Man, Man Of Steel, and even Craig Daniel’s James Bond, said MTV Movie Blog Writer Shawn Adler. Directors such as Matthew Vaughn have openly state how Nolan’s filmmaking has influenced them to take a realistic approach in superhero movies.

Christopher Nolan

This method has become a trend in Hollywood. It worked quite well for Batman because, well, he IS dark. Even in the comics. The Dark Knight Trilogy deftly examined the deep emotional and psychological trauma of Bruce Wayne witnessing his parent’s death, which then led him to take on the mantle of the bat.

But does this “realism” work for other characters or movies? Let’s take a look:


To film buffs, this term comes up quite a lot. Cinema verite (veri-tey) translated from French means “truthful cinema”, meaning the activities recorded in front of the camera are not directed, scripted, or altered in any way. They are taken as is.

That is why early footage of cinema were shorts of real things happening such as a train passing by a station and people having tea at home. This can be summarized as “Reality”, or a capital “R”.


The set of the movie, 300, before & after editing.

As cinema progressed, directors realized that they couldn’t just capture cinema verite, but could create their own stories and film them. Ergo, they built a “reality” where events were constructed or altered according to their creativity. This is called “reality”. It can be summarized with a small “r”.


Today, most movies are made primarily for entertainment and spectacle. Very few documentaries can be counted as “cinema verite”. In a way, reality is altered. Most easily, you can count them as reality with a small r, not a big R.

What do comic movies fall into? Since these kinds of movies are based on these amazing larger-than-life personas who were all born from paper, these movies count as “r”. I think it’s safe to say that superheroes don’t exist in real life. Has anyone really seen the Avengers flying around NYC stopping the latest evil villain threat? Yeah, my point exactly.

Since we’ve discussed what cinema and superheroes are, how do these two coincide with the darker reboots? There are two sides to this coin, and we’ll take a look at these via pros and cons.


Rebooting a series with a “realistic” feel to it gives an old franchise a fresh approach. An example would be the Star Trek re-imagined by J.J. Abrams in 2009. While the old Star Trek films delved into philosophy and the Enterprise crew’s journey in space, the new films are character-centered, focused mainly on the relationship of Spock and James Kirk.

Star Trek TV Series Star Trek Nemesis Star Trek Into Darkness

It also gave new fans an appreciation of the franchise, which was healthy, since the last Star Trek film was Nemesis way back in 2002. This also worked for James Bond in Casino Royale. Instead of a debonair ladies’ man, here we’re treated to a Bond who’s wonderfully human: An agent bruised and battered, inside and out.


Toying with the idea of these characters existing along with us in real life is also a plus. It gives us a peek into the quirks of the titular characters. For example: The pain and isolation of Batman/Bruce Wayne. The same goes for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker, since Nolan influenced him. This also applies for Superman/Clark Kent. Majority of the screen time in Man Of Steel was apportioned to the search of his identity and purpose in the world in an attempt humanize an alien (Clark Kent is Kryptonian). Admittedly, that is something totally relatable to moviegoers.


However, there are cons to having darker, gritty movie remakes. For one, the “Wow” factor is totally lost. Remember watching Superman: The Movie in 1978 or Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989? When they came out on screen for the first time, it took everyone’s breath away in amazement. No one could believe these iconic characters were popping right in front of their eyes. Even if Batman did have that dark quality about him, everyone was mesmerized by Keaton’s performance. Due to the realistic approach in movie remakes, characters are forced to be introspective and brooding. Seriously, can you imagine Superman being…emo? Exactly. Because he isn’t. It works for Batman, yes. But what works for Batman doesn’t go for Supes. They’re two completely different characters. That’s where MoS failed. In making it grim, Zack Snyder lost the amazement of bringing Superman to life. Instead of going “Wow!”, audiences reacted with a resounding “What?”

why so serious

Another downside is that movies take themselves too seriously. And not a lot of people watch to think. They watch to be entertained, not have their brain turned to mush by a cinematic blender. That’s the main difference between the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe. DC tries too hard, maybe because they’re playing catch up. Marvel’s got the ball in their court. Have you seen The Avengers? It’s got everything blended perfectly: Action, humor, conflict, and a bit of that angst among some characters. Nothing goes overboard.

So to answer the question, no, this realistic approach should not continue any longer in comic book movies. The trend is getting pretty stale. Some new direction and perspective is due. As long as it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is gladly welcomed. It is worth looking forward to a superhero movie that brings back all that awe and excitement; one that won’t make you go “What?” at the end, but “Wow!”…

How To Make Your Kid Smarter Than You

Gifted children. We’ve seen these extremely talented prodigies on TV in ads such as Promil or Sustagen. They usually are super smart or can play a classical instrument like the piano or violin. It’s the dream of every parent to have a child whose IQ is a bit higher than everyone else around them. While we won’t suggest drinking a particular brand of milk to do so (if we did, we all should’ve invented a cure for cancer way back then), here are some ways you can help your kid tap into their intelligence.

#1. Flash cards

flash cards

Read these to your kids to teach them certain words depending on their language level. You, the parent, are the one who can gauge this. If you’re only starting out, go with easier words like “Hi”, “Bye”, or “Go”. When they’ve got a grasp of those you can move on to more complex words like “monocle or “hippopotamus”. Just kidding. But hey, if your kid is really smart, that should be a synch. “Coccyx”. Come on. Try it!

#2. Books

Once they’ve graduated from flash cards, you might want to up it a notch with a book! From words, they move to full sentences and paragraphs.

For a story your kid can read, we’d recommend “Green Eggs & Ham” by Dr. Seuss, just because he’s that awesome.

#3. Diet

green and red healthy food

Nope, we’re not telling you to do this so your kid sheds a few pounds. Though if you think about it, it’s best to start them young. Kidding.

ANYWAYS. They say that “garbage in, garbage out”. So does that mean “treasure in, treasure out”? OKAY SERIOUSLY, if you feed your kid the good stuff, chances are your kid will get the good stuff too! Give him fruits, veggies, and meat instead of that donut from Krispy Kreme or that bag of Clover Chips. Meat is essential because it contains iron, which is good for brain development.



Also, it is important for kids to have a good breakfast. Studies show that it contributes to good memory and longer attention spans. A kid’s brain needs glucose after the fast the night before so it can function properly. Adults, you might want to consider this advise too.

#4. Sleep early

Getting the right amount of sleep improves brain function because your kid’s noggin is well rested. According to a group called SRI International, children who sleep early excel better in language, math, and reading.

child sleeping random

If you can’t read this properly, then you need to catch a few extra z’s.

#5. Video games

video games

Yes, that’s right. Video. Games! Although we’re not recommending GTA V, God Of War, Counter-Strike or Call Of Duty. Those are violent. Stay away from those. We suggest games that encourage camaraderie, leadership, and critical thinking. Video games aren’t all that bad, parents. You just have to pick the right ones for your kids.


10 Most Majestic Songs Of Queen

British rock band Queen is arguably the best rock band, and one of the most influential, in the world. Theirs is a musical style labeled distinctly as the “Queen sound”, with drummer Roger Taylor’s steady drumming, Paul Deacon’s thumping distinct bass lines, Brian May’s thrashing guitar riffs, and Freddie Mercury’s utterly amazing vocal style. Together, they’ve come up with a slew of hits that many people have come to know and love. We’ll count down the top 10 most grandiose songs this group of gentlemen:

#10: Fat Bottomed Girls | Album: Jazz (1978)

Long before Sir Mix-a-lot was singing “I like big butts…” in 1992, Queen beat him to it with a hard rock ditty about women with, uh, large posteriors in 1978. Brian May signature heavy guitar licks included.

#9: I Want To Break Free | Album: The Works (1984)

This song could have two meanings: It either reflected singer Freddie Mercury’s desire to leave his heterosexual relationship to pursue his homosexuality or women empowerment in the 80s. We’ve got to break free from all this analyzing and just enjoy the song for what it is.

#8: We Are The Champions | Album: News Of The World (1977)

Initially, this was a song to get the crowd involved in performances because of its “positive and uplifting message” according to May in an online edition of the Daily Mail. It eventually evolved into a victory anthem usable in virtually any sport today.

#7: We Will Rock You | Album: News Of The World (1977)

With the group known for primarily rock songs, this song diverges from that by being mostly acapella, with a unique percussion composed of stomps, claps, and pauses, repeated all throughout. Though the last part does have an intense guitar solo by May, We Will Rock You is a break from the band’s traditional sound, proving their musical versatility.

#6: Radio Gaga | Album: The Works (1984)

Radio Gaga is another composition that showcases Queen’s sound experimentation. They successfully blend electronica and rock together, with the warm synths pervading the song, while still making it their own. Fun fact: This song is what inspired Stefanie Germannota to call herself Lady GaGa.

#5: Crazy Little Thing Called Love | Album: The Game (1980)

Interestingly enough, this song is Freddie Mercury’s tribute to Elvis Presley. It was written in 10 minutes while the Queen frontman was in the bath in Bayerische Hof Hotel, Munich. If you listen to the song, it deceives you into thinking that Queen simply covered an Elvis hit, with his vocals mimicking The King’s southern twang and the instrumentation sounding like a rockabilly band. This is just another wonderful example of Queen’s genius and adaptability as a group.

#4: Under Pressure | Album: Hot Space (1982)

This is a prime example of the band’s musical quirkiness, with Mercury’s onomatopeiac, spontaneous adlibs, vocal support by drummer Taylor and guest artist David Bowie. This song also features Deacon’s hypnotic bass playing (which will be noted in another song in this list). This was sampled in Vanilla Ice’s familiar hit, Ice, Ice, Baby.

#3: Another One Bites The Dust | Album: The Game (1980)

This song is iconic on so many levels and can be considered the quintessential song of the band: Deacon’s highly infectious bass line, Taylor’s consistent drum playing, May’s minimalist and atmospheric guitar skills, and Mercury’s wide range of singing. Check out his vocal chops – he goes from subdued to wild – especially in his solo. According to band mate Brian May in an issue of Mojo, Mercury loved the song so much he sang “until his throat bled”, hence his intensity on the vocal parts. According to discussions on, rumor has it the song was supposedly about cowboys who died from gunfights in the desert (“Bite the dust” was a cowboy slang term for “death”).

#2: Flash | Album: Flash Gordon, 1980

Also known as Flash’s Theme, the piece is complex in structure, involving not just rock, but also an orchestra-style sound done magnificently as only Queen could.

#1: Bohemian Rhapsody | Album: A Night At The Opera (1975)

Perhaps their most complex recording, Queen’s magnum opus is a rock opera all its own. The interpretations of this composition are diverse: Is it a window into singer Freddie Mercury’s personal struggles? Is it Faustian by nature? Or is it about an accidental murder, with the suspect tormented by his inner demons prior to execution? We’ll never know. As a lyric in the song goes, it “…doesn’t really matter…”

8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Posting Excessively On Facebook

Statuses, comments, photos, audio, video – these are just some of the updates we share with our friends on Facebook. It’s become part of our culture to make social media our repository for your life’s happenings. But have we actually taken the time to mull over what we post or not post, or more importantly, why? Sure, sharing ideas with friends or spending time online to communicate is great, but you have to be prudent about it. Here are 8 reasons why you should stop posting excessively on FB:

#1: You’ve forgotten your real social life.

facebook addict

Hello? Do you still know how to carry an actual conversation? Or are you restricted to LOL, AFK, and BRB? Remember what it was like to socialize with real, living, breathing, carbon-based life forms (i.e., your friends)? You know, your real life friends who actually care about what’s happening in your life. Friends who want to bond with you over dinner or just want to hang out? Yeah, you’ve got to stop posting on FB and chill with your friends in person. Stop typing and start talking.

#2: Nobody cares about your game/app updates.

Seriously, I’ve seen a few of these on my news feed. Nobody cares if your Knight Warrior on Dragoon Killers leveled up from 27 to 28 after slaying a level 30 Dark Dragoon. Take that off everyone’s news feed.

#3: Game/app invites are annoying.


Personally, these are just annoying. Not everyone on FB plays Candy Crush Saga (and I’ve encountered a few FB friends who’ve posted the same sentiment on a few occasions) so stop inviting us.

#4: Vanity shots are just… bleh!


Seriously, do you have to take a photo before you eat, before you drink, before you sleep?

These are much more irritating than game updates or invites. Nothing says, “I’m desperate for attention. Notice me, OMG PLEASE NOTICE ME!” better than excessive selfies of a girl (or guy) in a duck face and/or a very awkward fashion pose (bet twerking’s the latest selfie craze after Miley’s VMA incident).These photos might even include a wise quote just to make the photo look clever, but they end up looking senseless anyways. Ladies, if you’ve got self-esteem or daddy issues (sometimes, they go hand-in-hand), settle them outside Facebook. Don’t involve the rest of us with your vanity poses.

#5: Indirect hinting

facebook addict

well, in this case, not really indirect…

This is a very popular tactic. If you just want to pick on someone for no reason, find him/her annoying, or you really have a case against him/her because they offended you, you post a blind item status without mentioning who is/are involved. Apparently, that solves everything.

Personally, this makes my blood boil because it’s so immature to the very core. It’s akin to throwing your very own pity party on social media and having your “friends” comfort you. If you have issues with someone, grow a pair and deal with it in person. Hiding behind Facebook and getting likes from so many of your “friends” doesn’t make you right. It just makes you a coward.

#6: You’re dwelling in fantasy.

Let’s take a tally.

Virtual Life: FB friends – over 9000; Social activity – buzzing with life

Real Life: Friends – 0; Social skills – 0.

Yeah, your virtual life wins. Go out of your house and get a life, a real one, at that.

#7: Too much posting destroys privacy – yours.

Facebook privacy settings

Nobody needs up-to-the-minute feeds of where you are or what you’re doing. We don’t need to know that, at 12:46 pm, you had too much for lunch and puked in the office toilet. How do we know? Well, you took a picture and posted it for everyone to see.

Oversharing does not paint a very good picture about you. Nobody wants to read your life as an open book.

#8: We get ahead of ourselves.

think before you post

Ever looked at your previous posts and thought, “Man, why did I have to post that?” Exactly. Our emotions and fingertips get the better of us. Pretty soon, we’re posting things that shouldn’t have been in the first place. This dangerous combination doesn’t make us think anymore. We just go ahead with how we feel without any regard for the appropriateness of the post. Before clicking the ‘Post’ button, think about it. “Is it really necessary to share this to all my FB friends?” There’s a wise proverb that goes, “Think before you speak.” In this case, “Think before you post.

10 Indie Songs That Be On Your Playlist

Mainstream music is hip. There’s nothing like listening to what’s on the Billboard Top 20 or 100 to keep one’s self in-the-know with the music industry. But listening to all that Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and the like can get pretty tiring pretty quick.

quote: and for that one moment while the music plays...

If you find yourself in that musical crossroad, it might be time to take a break from what’s popular and check out independent (indie) rock. For a brief overview, indie rock is an umbrella term for bands that aren’t signed to any major labels, but independent ones. They often have an eclectic mix of genres like traditional rock, dance, pop, blues, electronica, and many more. These groups gained a following on their own with hard work, musicality, and a little help from GarageBand and/or YouTube.

It might be time for you to listen to something new and fresh, and indie music can give you just that. Here are 10 songs (in no particular order) you should consider putting in your playlist. Who knows, you might even like these songs so much you’ll get into this new genre of indie music.

10. All The People | Artist: Circle | Album: The Middle

This track from the band’s debut album is enchantingly nostalgic and poignant about the human condition. A perfect listening for rainy days. Feels included.

9. When They Fight, They Fight | Artist: Generationals | Album: Con Law

There’s nothing like a bit of old school sound to add variety in your iPod. Play this song with your parents and listen to them reminisce about their younger years. Trivia: This song was featured in season 1 of popular legal dramedy Suits.

8. Wish You Were Here | Artist: Lee Fields & the Expressions | Album: Faithful Man

This is a wonderfully painful cry of someone pining after a loved one long gone from this world. Soulful and full of blues, lead singer Lee Field’s wailing gives it breadth and depth. Tissue not included.

7. All I Want | Artist: Kodaline | Album: In A Perfect World

This single is a wistful recollection of a relationship that once was. If you give it a double take, All I Want reminds you of an acoustic Coldplay.

6. Long Distance Call | Artist: Phoenix | Album: It’s Never Been Like That

It’s a song from Phoenix. What’s not to like?

5. Unbelievers | Artist: Vampire Weekend | Album: Modern Vampires of the City

Pure ear candy, especially with the warm organ and piano parts interspersed on the track.

4. Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix) | Artist: The Weeknd | Album: Kiss Land

Perfect track for a small house party or driving around the neighborhood.

3. Anna Sun | Artist: Walk The Moon | Album: Walk The Moon

You’ll definitely get hooked on the electric rock vibe of this song.

2. VCR | Artist: The xx | Album: The xx

The fourth single of the Brit band can be aptly described as a hypnotic pop lullaby.

1. Electric Feel | Artist: MGMT | Album: Oracular Spectacular

Considering that MGMT tap into a breadth of different genres in their music, this song sounds weird, but the good kind.

Can You Actually Die Of Boredom?

This has been a question thrown around in the scientific community, and an interesting one at that. “Can one actually be bored to death?” By that, I mean literally pass on from this world to the next because one had nothing more interesting to do but just cease to exist?


Can we get to the answer part a little faster? I’m getting bored…

The answer is both yes and no. No, you can’t die from boredom in the literal sense. It isn’t one of those infamous diseases like cancer or influenza. That and I haven’t seen any news headline declaring “Man/Woman dies from excessive boredom”. I haven’t seen prescriptions from medical profession for drugs or tips on how to alleviate being disinterested at life in general.


You can, however die from boredom, but indirectly. There are causes and effects to this seemingly unimportant medical case. In this article, we’ll do a light observation of the reasons one may indirectly cease living because of this ailment. Let’s first define what it is.

Boredom is a state of inactivity or general disinterest at things happening around him/her. According to John Eastwood, a clinical psychologist at the University of York in Toronto, it is a condition where one is unable to engage one’s self in a satisfying activity.


Soul searching???

What are the causes? According to the previous paragraph, it could be a genuine lack of interest in life or activities that can satisfy a person. Another is clinical depression, where a person shuts himself down emotionally and focuses on him/herself, instead of others, according to an online article of the Daily Mail.

Traumatic brain injuries are also a major cause of increased boredom. James Danckert, a neuroscientist from the University of Waterloo in Ontario hypothesizes:


Accidents such as this….


and this… can lead to…


can lead to this!

…the massive flux of endorphins or pain medication necessary for recovery from a brain injury may have literally raised these patients’ threshold for psychological pleasure and reward. ‘Now instead of a coffee doing it for you, you need a triple espresso…Anything that used to give you pleasure now has to be ramped up in order to succeed.


oh, and this… O.o

The effects of boredom lead to those suffering it to feel unfulfilled, sad, and demoralized, based on research done by scientists in the University College of London in the UK.

This is almost always a cause for clinically bored people to tend towards addictive habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and gambling, for them to get their “fix”. They can die from the effects of these activities such as heart conditions and lung cancer (smoking), liver problems (drinking) and overdose (drugs), to name a few. Based on the same study, people who are frequently bored are 37% more likely to die after it was over.


So whenever you feel like this…


and this…


Trying watching this… and LOL!


or else you might end up looking like… this… O.o

So in conclusion, can one die of boredom? Yes, but indirectly. The effects caused by boredom lead to a downward spiral. It would best to surround ones’ self with friends and family instead of withdrawing and fighting it alone to be totally victorious from this medical condition.

Top 10 James Bond Gadgets

Gadgets play an important role in James Bond’s missions. They either aid him in accomplishing the mission at hand, or get him safely away from sticky situations. Leave it up to Q (short for Quartermaster) to supply 007 with the equipment tailor-fit for each job. In his many years in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Bond surely has used a plethora of spy-worthy doohickeys. We’ve documented the top 10 for you right here:

10. Personalized Walther PPK | 007: Craig Daniel |Movie: Skyfall (2012)

SkyF-pistol-1 SkyF-pistol-2

This particular firearm has 007’s palm print encoded onto the handle so that only he can use it. A henchman in the movie attempted to use it against Bond, but to no avail. In the ensuing chaos, he was dragged away and presumably eaten by a komodo dragon.

9. Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional 300m007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: GoldenEye (1995)

Look at those killer eyes… It’s almost second to mine :))

A watch with a built-in laser and remote detonator. Pure awesome.

8. Cigarette and Toothpaste Bomb007: Timothy DaltonMovie: License To Kill (1989)

With James Bond on undercover missions, his gadgets should be inconspicuous so as to not blow his cover.

These seemingly everyday items, a cigarette pack and toothpaste tube, wouldn’t be even considered as dangerous, until something is blown apart to smithereens by them.

7. Sonic Agitator007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: Die Another Day (2002)

While fending off a bad guy, 007 used this device to shatter the glass below him, giving him a clean getaway.

It works by turning on the ring to a certain frequency and placing it over glass items to break them. This could also work as a diversion tactic, rendering enemies immobile due to the piercingly high sonic frequencies.

6. Rocket Pack007: Sean Connery | Movie: Thunderball (1965)

Having a rocket pack is just cool. 007 can make a quick escape from the clutches of evil with this item.

5. Cloaking Device007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: Die Another Day (2002)

Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day came equipped with a cloaking device. It took photographs of its surroundings and projected them onto the body as camouflage.

Ideal for stealth assignments where invisibility to enemy presence is imperative.

4. Ring Camera007: Roger MooreMovie: A View To Kill (1985)

MI-6’s went to great lengths to develop this futuristic technology. A device like this is perfect for eavesdropping on conversations with highly sensitive information.

3. Ghetto Blaster007: Timothy DaltonMovie: The Living Daylights (1987)

Equipped with a rocket launcher, this puts the “blaster” in ghetto blaster.

Do these Ghetto Blasters come with CD players?

2. Seagull Snorkel Suit007: Sean ConneryMovie: Goldfinger (1964)

I’d say this crocodile doohickey’s also genius! :)

The seagull snorkel suit adds to Connery’s title as the iconic James Bond. Flexible enough for him to hover stealthily in bodies of water, kick bad guy butt, prevents H20 from seeping inside, and keep his suit dry and himself looking ever dapper.

1. Trick Suitcase007: Sean ConneryMovie: From Russia With Love (1963)

Although a seemingly innocuous briefcase, this device has a scoped infrared rifle, a throwing knife, gold sovereigns worth loads of cash, and a defense mechanism that shoots tear gas to anyone who incorrectly handles the item. Bond could probably live off from this device all its own.

The Upside of Unemployment

unemployment rate

According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate is the percentage of the work force that is unemployed at any given date. As of June this year, the number in our country stands at 7.5%. That figure is way up there along with 2010 and 2008’s high of 8%, along with some varied fluctuations.

Fresh grads, before that scares you enough to start handing out your resumes to various multinationals, realize that this is a blessing in disguise. There are a lot of things a person can do before immersing one’s self in the corporate world, activities you probably denied yourself during your years of academic struggle. Here are the upsides of unemployment:

Upside #1: You can take a break

Catch up with episodes of <insert name favorite TV show here> you missed because of finals. Get reacquainted with your bed. Sleep in again after those hard nights working on thesis.

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Start a book plan. Travel. Invest your time in a worthy cause. Get a part-time job. Spend more time with family and friends. Blog. Go soul-searching. Discover what you really want to do.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy within a fixed timetable from about 3 months, at least, to 1 year, at most. Within this time, you can also…

do more of what makes you awesome

If I do say so myself, I am quite the napper. I can nap for days!! haha :)

Upside #2: You can seek advice from parents and relatives

It’s interesting to note that even adults didn’t have it all together when they started out in their careers. There’s nothing like living vicariously through their stories. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a nugget of wisdom or two while listening to them. They won’t pass up a chance to share the moments when they were just young whippersnappers like you. Remember, people love talking about themselves.

leave-it-to-beaver parenting adviceTheir stories may frustrate you in an amusing way. I remember an uncle of mine shared how his first job at a large telecom company lasted 17 years. When I asked how that happened, he simply that there needed to be a balance. “Imagine if everyone got jobs that lasted a long time? There needs to be people who will stay only for a short time. It’s all part of the journey.” I think that was just his way of saying, “That’s life, son.”

Part of seeking advice means your parents and relatives will suggest applying for X company or pursuing Y career path. Though they mean well, always remember: Don’t forget to listen to yourself. You may be getting wisdom from them, but in the end it’s your call. Don’t totally depend on them. In the end, you are totally responsible for the decisions you do or do not make.

Upside #3: You can look for a job

Once you’ve taken steps 1 & 2, go find that career. Apply in companies where you know your interests jive with the vacant job description.

screwed interview

A tip to those who are still job-hunting, even after graduation: It’s okay. One of the things intermittent unemployment taught me was resilience. Sure, there were times I wanted to give up, but somewhere along the way, God just told me to keep moving forward. Two years later, a life-changing realization took place, and I’m off pursuing my dream – writing. Unemployment may just be the wake up call you need.

In all this, remember to stay positive! You’ll be back in shape in no time.

P.S. Here’s another takeaway quote:



True or False: Too Much Love Can Kill You

too much love can kill you

“ Yeah, too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It’ll drain the power that’s in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You’re the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time ”

That’s the chorus of Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You”, penned by guitarist Brian May and sung by Freddie Mercury (d. 1991). Seems a bit exaggerated, you think. They probably meant either: 1) Love could drive you crazy, especially when you’re torn between two people you want to be with, 2) Being too in love could kill you (via suicide), or 3) both.

 But just as the apt Queen ditty is, the answer to the question above is true. Too much love can kill you. Yup, we are seriously going to answer this question. :)

Obsessive love

The prognosis of the unhealthy mania towards your partner in a relationship is documented in the “Obsessive Love Wheel”. It is composed of four parts:

obsessive love wheel

The attraction stage is when you become infatuated to someone you see. It may start physically or emotionally, or what have you. From here, either a real or “perceived” relationship is developed. Either one of the partners can be classified as RD, or relationally dependent.

Love or Lust?

The next stage after attraction is anxiety. When you’re in the relationship, your insecurities as a person suddenly kick in. You become prone to its effects such as fear, illogical reasoning, anger, and neediness. This is a sign of you becoming uneasy about the nature of the relationship.


Obsession comes after. With the fear of losing a loved one, either partner resorts to extreme control tactics in an attempt to keep it “together”. Some of these could include stalking, excessive communication over the phone, text, e-mail, chat, or other means, guilt trips, and tunnel vision (an unhealthy, constant focus on one’s partner).

You are the piece of me I wish I didn't need

Once the obsession reaches a tipping point, the relationship ends and the destructive tendencies set in.


Because of one’s neurotic attachment post-break up, he/she may result to either of the following damaging actions to either numb the emotional pain or attempt to cancel it altogether:


Can’t breathe…

A huge factor in this emotionally damaging case is the act of smothering. By definition, smothering means ‘to suffocate; suppress”. Either partner demands too much of the other’s time or presence to satisfy one’s emotional needs.

can't breathe

can’t breathe… literally! hahahaha!!

The problem with smothering is that the focus is in your wants and needs, never the partner’s. This is how love can be considered overkill. Hence the, “I need space/room to breathe/think we should see other people,” line during break ups. Too much is required that the other partner can’t keep up with the high demand, causing one to leave the relationship in order to be free.

let go

If either one is relationally dependent based on our illustration above, then he/she is prone to the effects of the obsessive love wheel, resulting in damaging actions that could lead to one’s demise.


It’s true. Too much love can kill. In order to avoid that, a person must first evaluate the reason/s he/she is entering into a relationship. Is it because you love your partner unconditionally to put their hopes and dreams above yours, or do you need to be in control all the time, setting off a course of destructive actions that will damage you in the long run?

Think long and hard before getting a boyfriend/girlfriend. Either two scenarios can happen: You could end up with the love of your life, or it could mean an early death. Yours.

P.S. Here’s your takeaway lesson:

Easier said than done, but I'll give it a try...