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We can’t move a muscle nowadays without adding to someone’s profit. The food we eat, the shows we watch, the calls we make and the hobbies we practice were sold to us one way or another. The products and influence of business are everywhere. It has numerous aspects and layers, and FreshMilk is very much interested in all of them. Who are the most successful entrepreneurs and how did they get to be that way? How was milk tea able to replace water as the standard drink of mankind? What is the inspiration for Apple products and why are they so darn expensive?

13 Signs Your Employees Hate You


Do my employees hate me? Let’s find out. Here are 13 signs that they probably do.

1. Mood swings

Whenever you call for meetings or simply approach them, they quickly change moods. People around you either look scared, overly serious or annoyed. You have that kind of power.

2. Sick day spree

sick day spree!

They exhaust their sick leaves just to get away from you. An inside competition on who gets to use up their sick days off first is likely to exist. Just a day without you is like breaking free from a cage.

3. Exemplary office ninjas

A man standing in an empty office

Where the heck are they?!

Suddenly, you notice the corridors are empty. Their stations are unmanned at the strike of lunch time and you rarely see them riding in the same elevator as you. Yes, you trained them well.

4. You always create a one-man team

No one wants to be automatically on your side whenever you propose a project. So you have no choice but to manually select who to work with yourself.

5. They rather be shady

nope, not doing this

Have you heard any side stories about their lives lately? Oh, you know the one they personally told you about. Nada, right? They’d rather not share information about themselves to you unless necessary.

6. Discreet complaining

The HR department informs you that they have been receiving relentless complaints from your employees about you. As they say, sky’s the limit.

7. You only hear an echo of your laugh whenever you crack a joke or deliver a punch line


How they really react when you crack a joke…

A faint smile just comes across their faces no matter how funny the joke is. Or if you’re sharp, you can detect a fake laugh hanging around the room.

8. Work Productivity is down and is even decreasing

pretend work

You’ll just catch yourself asking, “What happened?” Before they got to know you, they were like talented, super individuals that are high-strung to take on any challenge that work throws at them. And now? It’s as if they were introduced to a mutated kryptonite.

9. No personal invitations to functions outside work

You just heard news that a fellow in your team is celebrating his birthday today. He asks everyone (secretly) in the team except you.

10. Do you have any friends among your team?


You feel you can only relate to a few people— or no one— on your staff. You don’t get to hang-out much (or at all) with some people in your team.

11. No one eats with you (voluntarily), unless you say it’s a team lunch out and you’re paying

Eating by yourself while you see your team members together munching away, passing by or just coming from a restaurant, makes you feel a bit of a sting, doesn’t it? Do you see anyone approaching you and asking if they could join you or you to them?

12. Resignation letters everywhere!

More than the average love letters you receive on Valentine’s Day, the stack of resignation notices on your desk are starting to pile up. Of course, there could be other reasons why but who are you kidding? Wouldn’t it be the right time to realize something?

13. When they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.


Casual or small talks become nonexistent simply because it only turns too awkward and dead. They talk behind your back and even throw a mini-party whenever you’re not around. Yay!

11 Weird Products That Made Millions

There are just some things in this world that do not have explanations. Aside from ghostly creatures and other spiritual circumstances, the material world possesses bizarre products that you never expect to be accepted and wanted by many people. Take a look at these 11 weird products that made loads of cash.

1. Tennis Racket Made of Cow Intestines

tennis cow

If you think cow intestines are pulled out only for meat-eaters’ food, you’re wrong. In 1875, Pierre Babolat came up with the first ever tennis racket that’s made of cow’s small intestines. Consisting of 120 feet in length, the intestines were first treated with chemicals for preservation and dried the strands for six weeks to prevent cracking. Surprisingly, the end product has been wanted by so many of the world’s best professional tennis players.

2. Pet Rock

pet rock

Who would want a rock as a pet? While the natural way of thinking says that only animals can be treated as pets, a former advertising executive named Dahl sold rocks that were placed on hay complete with the pet training manual and a card board box for $3.95. Each sale gave him $3 as profit. The idea became a hit and became one of the greatest trends for the record.

3. Doggles


It’s not only humans who wear sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun. Our dogs can also don a pair of sunglasses that look like goggles. These accessories, called Doggles, are invented to protect our pets’ eyes from the sun’s glare all the same. They also help to keep off the dirt and dust in the atmosphere and wind so dogs would not produce tears as much. These spectacles for dogs were sold at $19.90. Many pet owners loved the idea.

4. iFart Mobile Application


This is not a tangible product but one that entertains everyone in the family or a group of friends. The iFart mobile application sounded like an absurd idea. It retailed at $0.99, just like any other regular apps newly released in the AppStore. Joel Comm, its creator, got the last laugh, as the application sold like pancakes in the market. To date, the app has over 600,000 downloads!

5. Snuggie


A common sight in airplanes, snuggie is a blanket worn as clothing. Especially in long flights when passengers cannot take the cold, they wear snuggies instead of covering themselves with jacket, sweater or thick socks and leggings to reach out for warmth and comfort. Price of a snuggie ranges from $10 to $20. To date, there are over 20 million people who bought this blanket wrap.

6. Slinky


With over 250 million of profit and counting, Naval engineer Richard James’ innovation is nothing but brilliant. It is called Slinky, a pre-compressed helical spring that was born in the 1940s. “Slinky” is a Swedish word meaning “sleek” or “sinuous.” This toy was made in two years and now has become one of the classic toys ever made. It stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps one end at a time.

7. Magic 8 Ball

Another toy that made millions was the Magic 8 Ball. No, this toy does not have magic powers but it has the power to keep you entertained for several minutes while playing it. It appears as a crystal sphere used by fortune tellers to predict the nearest future. Typically used for entertainment, this ball became most popular in the 1950s when most fortune-telling fans bought the idea.

8. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass

The Big Mouth Billy Bass appears as a mounted game fish but actually it is a toy that sings kitschy cover songs. The material is made of latex rubber stretched over a plastic mechanical frame. The fish would play music when an unsuspecting person passed by.

9. Furby


Originally released in 1998, the Furby toy which looked like an owl that had two feet, two eyes, two rabbit years and a beak of a bird quickly became a fad. Standing at six inches, this toy could speak in English but more like gibberish English. The price skyrocketed at $40 and the business became very rewarding.

10. Tamagotchi


Generation X and Generation Y people probably had gotten the most enjoyment in playing this little toy called Tamagotchi. If your parents do not allow you to have pets at home, consider getting this electric pet. You can have a dog, bird, cat, fish, dinosaur and other animals that you feed, play with and take care every day. Tamagotchi starts with a battery-powered egg that hatches into an electronic pet you watch on screen.

11. Beanie Babies


Invented by Ty Warner in 1995, Beanie Babies gave a profit of over $700 million. Beanie Babies are stuffed toys that are not made out of cotton and regular materials but of beans or plastic pellets. Because of this, they are cheaper and hence more affordable for the common public to buy.

The market is really a hit or miss. While some function to improve or save people’s lives, some are there to add spark of genius and make things easier for us. There are so many unique creations made and even if they do not have reasonable justifications for our use, people still embrace the idea until they become the next craze.

The Upside of Unemployment

unemployment rate

According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate is the percentage of the work force that is unemployed at any given date. As of June this year, the number in our country stands at 7.5%. That figure is way up there along with 2010 and 2008’s high of 8%, along with some varied fluctuations.

Fresh grads, before that scares you enough to start handing out your resumes to various multinationals, realize that this is a blessing in disguise. There are a lot of things a person can do before immersing one’s self in the corporate world, activities you probably denied yourself during your years of academic struggle. Here are the upsides of unemployment:

Upside #1: You can take a break

Catch up with episodes of <insert name favorite TV show here> you missed because of finals. Get reacquainted with your bed. Sleep in again after those hard nights working on thesis.

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Start a book plan. Travel. Invest your time in a worthy cause. Get a part-time job. Spend more time with family and friends. Blog. Go soul-searching. Discover what you really want to do.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy within a fixed timetable from about 3 months, at least, to 1 year, at most. Within this time, you can also…

do more of what makes you awesome

If I do say so myself, I am quite the napper. I can nap for days!! haha :)

Upside #2: You can seek advice from parents and relatives

It’s interesting to note that even adults didn’t have it all together when they started out in their careers. There’s nothing like living vicariously through their stories. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a nugget of wisdom or two while listening to them. They won’t pass up a chance to share the moments when they were just young whippersnappers like you. Remember, people love talking about themselves.

leave-it-to-beaver parenting adviceTheir stories may frustrate you in an amusing way. I remember an uncle of mine shared how his first job at a large telecom company lasted 17 years. When I asked how that happened, he simply that there needed to be a balance. “Imagine if everyone got jobs that lasted a long time? There needs to be people who will stay only for a short time. It’s all part of the journey.” I think that was just his way of saying, “That’s life, son.”

Part of seeking advice means your parents and relatives will suggest applying for X company or pursuing Y career path. Though they mean well, always remember: Don’t forget to listen to yourself. You may be getting wisdom from them, but in the end it’s your call. Don’t totally depend on them. In the end, you are totally responsible for the decisions you do or do not make.

Upside #3: You can look for a job

Once you’ve taken steps 1 & 2, go find that career. Apply in companies where you know your interests jive with the vacant job description.

screwed interview

A tip to those who are still job-hunting, even after graduation: It’s okay. One of the things intermittent unemployment taught me was resilience. Sure, there were times I wanted to give up, but somewhere along the way, God just told me to keep moving forward. Two years later, a life-changing realization took place, and I’m off pursuing my dream – writing. Unemployment may just be the wake up call you need.

In all this, remember to stay positive! You’ll be back in shape in no time.

P.S. Here’s another takeaway quote:



Seemingly Immortal Companies That Filed For Bankruptcy


Though large businesses have managed to stay afloat in recent years in an unstable economic climate, this does not mean that they are impervious to the ups and downs of stocks, market crashes and other factors that may come into play. Here are a few companies whose empires have fallen and/or closed for good:

#1. Lehman Brothers

In 2003, well-known investment firm Lehman Brothers got into mortgage debt as part of their financial strategy. In 5 years’ time, they had incurred losses, failed to secure a government loan to stay alive and owed $613 billion in debt.

A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers by Lawrence G. McDonald. $11.68. Publication: October 12, 2010. Publisher: Crown Business; Reprint edition (October 12, 2010). Author: Lawrence G. McDonald


The combination of these factors caused the company to declare bankruptcy and fold in September of 2008. Unfortunately, their collapse caused the global economical crisis during the latter part of 2008. The Lehman Brothers’ filing for bankruptcy was the largest in the history of corporate America.

#2 General Motors

Subsequently, during the global economic meltdown, General Motors ( Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Baojun, Holden, Isuzu, Jie Fang, Opel, Vauxhall) was one of many companies that also suffered from this crisis. Sales suffered drastically, as people tightened belts on spending.

Bumblebee on GM

 Seriously, who would even consider purchasing a car worth $23k-$60k in the middle of an economic crunch? They even closed several brands like Pontiac, Saab, Hummer, and Saturn. But unlike the Lehman Brothers, they were able to secure a government loan, as the government wanted to save the industry’s jobs. Thankfully, in 2010, GM returned to profitability.

P.S. General Motors was the company for supplying automobiles for Michael Bay’s Transformers movie trilogy.

#3 Kmart

In 1994, the retail store closed 110 stores after failing to invest in computer technology to manage their supply chain while competitors Walmart and Target were able to do so.

1970 Kmart.  I can remember those little "horsie" carousels that were outside of EVERY Kmart.  My mom and 101 year old Great-Grandmother always made it a point to see to it that my sister and I rode on the little "horsie" carousel every time we went to Kmart back then, which seemed like a lot.

In 2002, they filed for bankruptcy due to the corruption of then chairman and president Chuck Conway and Mark Schwartz, respectively, amassing personal fortunes while fooling stockholders that the company was doing relatively fine. Kmart dismissed both Conway and Schwartz, closed 300 more stores, and laid off 34,000 employees. After a series of mergers and acquisitions in the following years, they seem relatively fine.

#4 Carrian Group

Headed by George Tan, this was once one of Hong Kong’s largest conglomerates with businesses such as real estate, finance, shipping, hotels, and a formidable taxi fleet.

George Tan

George Tan – Founder of the Carrian Group

A scandal involving Bumiputra Malay Finance (based in HK) and Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad (of Malaysia) led to reports of account fraud, a bank auditor’s murder, and a suicide of a finance advisor. The conglomerate shut down in 1983 and is considered the largest bankruptcy in HK.

#5 BlackBerry Limited

Years ago, it was predicted that BlackBerry devices would become outdated like the pager. With this recent news of the once mighty BB leaving the market (, it looks like that forecast has come true.


The company has close to $1 billion in operating losses in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2014, according to an online article on Yahoo! ( To make matters worse, the company has laid off 4,500 workers. It looks like Android and iPhone have finally put a competitor out for good. Rest in peace, BlackBerry. You will be remembered.

Of course, there is no use reading this kind of material if you don’t learn anything from it. Here’s my takeaway:

Bankrupt without love. 1 Corinthians 12 (Message Translation). Designed by Stephen Murrill

Hihi… :) Spreading my LOVE to all you Fresh Milk readers! :)