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Ever since the human race invented the wheel, they have been on quite a roll. Now, there’s an app for everything. Google has all the answers. We can now do this and that with just a click of this or a push of that. Gadgets seem to have become an extension of our limbs, and a week without WiFi has become a legitimate punishment for teenagers. What’s up with that, right? Well, we here at FreshMilk will try to identify technology from both ends of the spectrum. How has it improved our lives? What are its disadvantages? On top of all these, we’ll show you a bunch of Japanese inventions that are as weird as they are funny. So there’s that, too.

Weird But Awesome Japanese Inventions Part1

The Japanese are weird. There, I said it. But not in a “Eeew, they’re so weird” way, but a “They invented that? Awesome!” way. Which is good.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of strange inventions on the web that could only come from the land of the rising sun. How do they come up with those ideas? Is it because they read from right to left instead of the traditional left to right? Is it because they figured out a way to tap into both left- and right- brain functions at the same time? We’ll never know. But here’s the first set of 10 Japanese inventions found on the Internet that ooze creativity and weird.

1)      Train Nap Cap

All you need to do is wear, attach to train window, and sleep. Train commuters who end up dozing off during long rides may find this useful, as long as they find a seat, of course. It would be awkward wearing this assuming a standing position. Actually, that would be funny.

2)      Butter Stick

butter stick japanese inventions

It’s a stick of butter in a container that makes it look like a huge lip balm. Cool!

3)      Baby Mop

It’s annoying when tots make a mess and you have to clean up after them. With these jammies, your kids can clean up after their drool, pee, or vomit just by crawling over it. You’ll never have to wipe their mess again!

4)      Umbrella Tie:

japanese umbrella tie

An umbrella you can wear as a tie. You’ll always be rain-ready with this doohickey.

5)      Ear Plug Earrings:

Nifty for when you’re in lengthy meetings or if you want to doze off peacefully without any noise. There should be a guy version of this!

6)      Extendo Spoon

extendo spoon

Mix a TV antenna with a spoon and you get the extendo spoon! You can poke someone from a great distance or use it as a spare antenna if need be.

7)      Napkin Pants

chindogu napkin pants

These are ingenious actually, as guys tend to wipe their hands on their pants when there’s no tissue. But maybe they could’ve put it in front and not the back, unless they’re trying to make a fashion statement.

8)   Easy Eye Drops Glasses:

eye drops glasses

Never waste an eye drop when you’re wearing these babies! Hmm…can you read with them, though? I wonder.

9)      Chopsticks Fan:

Chopsticks. With a fan. Only the Japanese could’ve come up with this. Their genius may be bizarre, but undeniably mind-blowing.

10)  Handy Chopper:

It looks like you’re holding another person’s hand while chopping, which is gross. But at least it was designed with safety in mind. You won’t have any problems losing your fingers when chopping fruits and veggies.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Top 10 James Bond Gadgets

Gadgets play an important role in James Bond’s missions. They either aid him in accomplishing the mission at hand, or get him safely away from sticky situations. Leave it up to Q (short for Quartermaster) to supply 007 with the equipment tailor-fit for each job. In his many years in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Bond surely has used a plethora of spy-worthy doohickeys. We’ve documented the top 10 for you right here:

10. Personalized Walther PPK | 007: Craig Daniel |Movie: Skyfall (2012)

SkyF-pistol-1 SkyF-pistol-2

This particular firearm has 007’s palm print encoded onto the handle so that only he can use it. A henchman in the movie attempted to use it against Bond, but to no avail. In the ensuing chaos, he was dragged away and presumably eaten by a komodo dragon.

9. Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional 300m007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: GoldenEye (1995)

Look at those killer eyes… It’s almost second to mine :))

A watch with a built-in laser and remote detonator. Pure awesome.

8. Cigarette and Toothpaste Bomb007: Timothy DaltonMovie: License To Kill (1989)

With James Bond on undercover missions, his gadgets should be inconspicuous so as to not blow his cover.

These seemingly everyday items, a cigarette pack and toothpaste tube, wouldn’t be even considered as dangerous, until something is blown apart to smithereens by them.

7. Sonic Agitator007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: Die Another Day (2002)

While fending off a bad guy, 007 used this device to shatter the glass below him, giving him a clean getaway.

It works by turning on the ring to a certain frequency and placing it over glass items to break them. This could also work as a diversion tactic, rendering enemies immobile due to the piercingly high sonic frequencies.

6. Rocket Pack007: Sean Connery | Movie: Thunderball (1965)

Having a rocket pack is just cool. 007 can make a quick escape from the clutches of evil with this item.

5. Cloaking Device007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: Die Another Day (2002)

Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day came equipped with a cloaking device. It took photographs of its surroundings and projected them onto the body as camouflage.

Ideal for stealth assignments where invisibility to enemy presence is imperative.

4. Ring Camera007: Roger MooreMovie: A View To Kill (1985)

MI-6’s went to great lengths to develop this futuristic technology. A device like this is perfect for eavesdropping on conversations with highly sensitive information.

3. Ghetto Blaster007: Timothy DaltonMovie: The Living Daylights (1987)

Equipped with a rocket launcher, this puts the “blaster” in ghetto blaster.

Do these Ghetto Blasters come with CD players?

2. Seagull Snorkel Suit007: Sean ConneryMovie: Goldfinger (1964)

I’d say this crocodile doohickey’s also genius! :)

The seagull snorkel suit adds to Connery’s title as the iconic James Bond. Flexible enough for him to hover stealthily in bodies of water, kick bad guy butt, prevents H20 from seeping inside, and keep his suit dry and himself looking ever dapper.

1. Trick Suitcase007: Sean ConneryMovie: From Russia With Love (1963)

Although a seemingly innocuous briefcase, this device has a scoped infrared rifle, a throwing knife, gold sovereigns worth loads of cash, and a defense mechanism that shoots tear gas to anyone who incorrectly handles the item. Bond could probably live off from this device all its own.

5 Reasons Why Smartphones Make Us Dumb


We live in the smartphone generation. Communication has evolved from simple mobile capabilities to multifaceted capacities. Aside from being able to communicate via text and calls, these devices can solve complex computations, and connect to the Internet, allowing the user to download virtually any information needed at a given time and place at the touch of a button.

smartphone addict

“must… update….. my…. facebook status”

 That’s not necessarily a good thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing smartphones. I own and use one, too. They have positively influenced our day-to-day lives, especially in how we interact with one another. But we also have to consider the negative effects of these devices, mainly dumbing us down because we’ve become so hooked on them. Here’s why:

#1: You’re connected (or shall I say affected) 24/7

Sure, with Internet capacity, your smartphone is a like a portable and smaller version of a PC. You can be online on Twitter, Facebook, e-mails and whatever else social media app you have. That’s not good because you exist only on virtual reality. It affects, well…reality…as a whole.

live it up

Live the real world, man… LIVE!!

Why not clean your room, or walk around the mall? Go read a book, or something. Speaking of, when was the last time you held a legit hardbound book? Or went hiking to see the world atop a mountain. Just do something apart from the “activities” on your smartphone – trust me, it’ll make you emotionally smart and mentally renewed.

#2: Your VIRTUAL social life is up, but your REAL social life is down!

Remember when we said that 24/7 connection to your smartphone affects real life? Yeah, this is one of them. Since you spend more and more time online (a study shows that people online spend 22% of their time on social media), you forget how to socialize with real people.

facebook hand

It may look like Ginseng, but it has the opposite effects!

 When was the last time you actually interacted with a group of people, said ‘hi’, or even carried a conversation with an actual human being? That was a million years ago. Now you’re just limited to acronyzed phrases such as LOL, OMG, ROFL, TCCIC, or GTGCMSPIKMSL*. Bet you can’t figure out that last one, huh?

#3: It messes up your sleeping patterns – which reduces your brain power

Sleeping late is another bad effect of being online too much because of game apps or social media. Lack of sleep cuts oxygen supply from your brain and brings down your mental alertness, which is just a nice way of saying lack of sleep due to excessive smartphone use makes you dumb. When I first got my smartphone (a Lenovo S890), I was late for a few weeks straight playing not even a downloaded game app (Fishing Joy was a fun game) and going online on Twitter and FB.

social media insomia

whoa! this is too accurate…

My average sleeping time was 1 am to 3 am. The worst was when I slept at around 5 am. My sleeping patterns have since returned to normal (11 pm latest), but that’s because I curbed my smartphone use to only texting, calls, and minor social media use before bedtime.

#4: It totally MESSES your PRIVACY POLICY

Anyways, this is a personal pet peeve of mine. Work is work. Home is home. There is a line that distinguishes that. Smartphones don’t just blur the line. They totally disregard it. When you’re accessible 24/7, that means your boss can send you e-mails during the unholiest or most unexpected hours of the day, and expect you to answer. Taking a dump? Expect an e-mail saying there’s a meeting in 5 minutes, and you need to respond. Nope, not being in the bathroom is an excuse because you were online.

angry cat

This has nothing to do with the topic, I just needed to share it… hahaha :)

 Pretty soon all you can think of is work. Learn to balance to work/play and life. You can do this by turning off your Wi-Fi or data plan connection at home or in the car.

#5: Getting into an accident because you were distracted by your phone is DUMB!

Getting your text message, FB, or Twitter updates isn’t just mildly distracting; it completely takes your attention out of whatever you’re doing. Just the sound of your phone popping because of a fresh tweet makes you scramble for your phone faster than a zombie can say, “Brains!” Actually, you are a zombie. But instead of brains, you’re hankering for smartphones.

dangers of driving

Don’t check your social media updates while driving!

Your attention is diverted from important tasks like finishing that important document, driving, or life, in general. Getting into a vehicular accident or missing out on an important conversation because you were distracted by your smartphone is just dumb. As with the previous reason, it pays to turn it off.

*GTGCMSPIKMSL – Got to go ‘coz my smarpthone is killing my social life