Can You Actually Die Of Boredom?

This has been a question thrown around in the scientific community, and an interesting one at that. “Can one actually be bored to death?” By that, I mean literally pass on from this world to the next because one had nothing more interesting to do but just cease to exist?


Can we get to the answer part a little faster? I’m getting bored…

The answer is both yes and no. No, you can’t die from boredom in the literal sense. It isn’t one of those infamous diseases like cancer or influenza. That and I haven’t seen any news headline declaring “Man/Woman dies from excessive boredom”. I haven’t seen prescriptions from medical profession for drugs or tips on how to alleviate being disinterested at life in general.


You can, however die from boredom, but indirectly. There are causes and effects to this seemingly unimportant medical case. In this article, we’ll do a light observation of the reasons one may indirectly cease living because of this ailment. Let’s first define what it is.

Boredom is a state of inactivity or general disinterest at things happening around him/her. According to John Eastwood, a clinical psychologist at the University of York in Toronto, it is a condition where one is unable to engage one’s self in a satisfying activity.


Soul searching???

What are the causes? According to the previous paragraph, it could be a genuine lack of interest in life or activities that can satisfy a person. Another is clinical depression, where a person shuts himself down emotionally and focuses on him/herself, instead of others, according to an online article of the Daily Mail.

Traumatic brain injuries are also a major cause of increased boredom. James Danckert, a neuroscientist from the University of Waterloo in Ontario hypothesizes:


Accidents such as this….


and this… can lead to…


can lead to this!

…the massive flux of endorphins or pain medication necessary for recovery from a brain injury may have literally raised these patients’ threshold for psychological pleasure and reward. ‘Now instead of a coffee doing it for you, you need a triple espresso…Anything that used to give you pleasure now has to be ramped up in order to succeed.


oh, and this… O.o

The effects of boredom lead to those suffering it to feel unfulfilled, sad, and demoralized, based on research done by scientists in the University College of London in the UK.

This is almost always a cause for clinically bored people to tend towards addictive habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and gambling, for them to get their “fix”. They can die from the effects of these activities such as heart conditions and lung cancer (smoking), liver problems (drinking) and overdose (drugs), to name a few. Based on the same study, people who are frequently bored are 37% more likely to die after it was over.


So whenever you feel like this…


and this…


Trying watching this… and LOL!


or else you might end up looking like… this… O.o

So in conclusion, can one die of boredom? Yes, but indirectly. The effects caused by boredom lead to a downward spiral. It would best to surround ones’ self with friends and family instead of withdrawing and fighting it alone to be totally victorious from this medical condition.

Top 10 James Bond Gadgets

Gadgets play an important role in James Bond’s missions. They either aid him in accomplishing the mission at hand, or get him safely away from sticky situations. Leave it up to Q (short for Quartermaster) to supply 007 with the equipment tailor-fit for each job. In his many years in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Bond surely has used a plethora of spy-worthy doohickeys. We’ve documented the top 10 for you right here:

10. Personalized Walther PPK | 007: Craig Daniel |Movie: Skyfall (2012)

SkyF-pistol-1 SkyF-pistol-2

This particular firearm has 007’s palm print encoded onto the handle so that only he can use it. A henchman in the movie attempted to use it against Bond, but to no avail. In the ensuing chaos, he was dragged away and presumably eaten by a komodo dragon.

9. Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional 300m007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: GoldenEye (1995)

Look at those killer eyes… It’s almost second to mine :))

A watch with a built-in laser and remote detonator. Pure awesome.

8. Cigarette and Toothpaste Bomb007: Timothy DaltonMovie: License To Kill (1989)

With James Bond on undercover missions, his gadgets should be inconspicuous so as to not blow his cover.

These seemingly everyday items, a cigarette pack and toothpaste tube, wouldn’t be even considered as dangerous, until something is blown apart to smithereens by them.

7. Sonic Agitator007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: Die Another Day (2002)

While fending off a bad guy, 007 used this device to shatter the glass below him, giving him a clean getaway.

It works by turning on the ring to a certain frequency and placing it over glass items to break them. This could also work as a diversion tactic, rendering enemies immobile due to the piercingly high sonic frequencies.

6. Rocket Pack007: Sean Connery | Movie: Thunderball (1965)

Having a rocket pack is just cool. 007 can make a quick escape from the clutches of evil with this item.

5. Cloaking Device007: Pierce BrosnanMovie: Die Another Day (2002)

Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day came equipped with a cloaking device. It took photographs of its surroundings and projected them onto the body as camouflage.

Ideal for stealth assignments where invisibility to enemy presence is imperative.

4. Ring Camera007: Roger MooreMovie: A View To Kill (1985)

MI-6’s went to great lengths to develop this futuristic technology. A device like this is perfect for eavesdropping on conversations with highly sensitive information.

3. Ghetto Blaster007: Timothy DaltonMovie: The Living Daylights (1987)

Equipped with a rocket launcher, this puts the “blaster” in ghetto blaster.

Do these Ghetto Blasters come with CD players?

2. Seagull Snorkel Suit007: Sean ConneryMovie: Goldfinger (1964)

I’d say this crocodile doohickey’s also genius! :)

The seagull snorkel suit adds to Connery’s title as the iconic James Bond. Flexible enough for him to hover stealthily in bodies of water, kick bad guy butt, prevents H20 from seeping inside, and keep his suit dry and himself looking ever dapper.

1. Trick Suitcase007: Sean ConneryMovie: From Russia With Love (1963)

Although a seemingly innocuous briefcase, this device has a scoped infrared rifle, a throwing knife, gold sovereigns worth loads of cash, and a defense mechanism that shoots tear gas to anyone who incorrectly handles the item. Bond could probably live off from this device all its own.

The Upside of Unemployment

unemployment rate

According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate is the percentage of the work force that is unemployed at any given date. As of June this year, the number in our country stands at 7.5%. That figure is way up there along with 2010 and 2008’s high of 8%, along with some varied fluctuations.

Fresh grads, before that scares you enough to start handing out your resumes to various multinationals, realize that this is a blessing in disguise. There are a lot of things a person can do before immersing one’s self in the corporate world, activities you probably denied yourself during your years of academic struggle. Here are the upsides of unemployment:

Upside #1: You can take a break

Catch up with episodes of <insert name favorite TV show here> you missed because of finals. Get reacquainted with your bed. Sleep in again after those hard nights working on thesis.

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Start a book plan. Travel. Invest your time in a worthy cause. Get a part-time job. Spend more time with family and friends. Blog. Go soul-searching. Discover what you really want to do.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy within a fixed timetable from about 3 months, at least, to 1 year, at most. Within this time, you can also…

do more of what makes you awesome

If I do say so myself, I am quite the napper. I can nap for days!! haha :)

Upside #2: You can seek advice from parents and relatives

It’s interesting to note that even adults didn’t have it all together when they started out in their careers. There’s nothing like living vicariously through their stories. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a nugget of wisdom or two while listening to them. They won’t pass up a chance to share the moments when they were just young whippersnappers like you. Remember, people love talking about themselves.

leave-it-to-beaver parenting adviceTheir stories may frustrate you in an amusing way. I remember an uncle of mine shared how his first job at a large telecom company lasted 17 years. When I asked how that happened, he simply that there needed to be a balance. “Imagine if everyone got jobs that lasted a long time? There needs to be people who will stay only for a short time. It’s all part of the journey.” I think that was just his way of saying, “That’s life, son.”

Part of seeking advice means your parents and relatives will suggest applying for X company or pursuing Y career path. Though they mean well, always remember: Don’t forget to listen to yourself. You may be getting wisdom from them, but in the end it’s your call. Don’t totally depend on them. In the end, you are totally responsible for the decisions you do or do not make.

Upside #3: You can look for a job

Once you’ve taken steps 1 & 2, go find that career. Apply in companies where you know your interests jive with the vacant job description.

screwed interview

A tip to those who are still job-hunting, even after graduation: It’s okay. One of the things intermittent unemployment taught me was resilience. Sure, there were times I wanted to give up, but somewhere along the way, God just told me to keep moving forward. Two years later, a life-changing realization took place, and I’m off pursuing my dream – writing. Unemployment may just be the wake up call you need.

In all this, remember to stay positive! You’ll be back in shape in no time.

P.S. Here’s another takeaway quote:



True Or False: Alcohol Makes Us Productive/Creative

 Ever been drunk or tipsy from an alcoholic drink before? You probably realized that it wasn’t a good idea. Your proper brain functions become impaired and your body is rendered really sluggish. It seems as if time is moving really slow for you. In other extremes, you pass out from extreme intoxication, or vomit. If so, do alcoholic beverages contribute to us be more creative and productive human beings? Let’s take a look.

Alcohol contains ethanol, a substance that contributes several negative effects to the brain and body. In terms of brain functions, ethanol severely affects the brains neurotransmitters, where signals travel from brain to body and back, according to an article in the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. This in turn impairs thought process, takes away our inhibitions, and mood control.

Once the brain is affected, the body follows suit. Normal functions are also impeded because of one’s inebriation. Sight is blurred, speech is unintelligible, and movement very lethargic.


If you’ve experienced being or have seen people under the influence of alcohol, you can sense that there is a huge disconnection between brain and body. A totally different side of a person can emerge because of the effects of intoxication: lowered inhibitions, and affected brain processes.


This is why drunks tend to say or do things that are totally out of character. A quiet person may suddenly become talkative and say very incoherent phrases. A talkative person may become quiet and suddenly fall asleep or pass out due to the amount of alcohol in their system. Others start fights. Some may end up puking their guts out (a bodily defense for flushing the alcohol out of the system). The list goes on and on, but the harmful effects of alcohol are undeniable.

What then does this have to do with being productive and creative? Absolutely nothing. The negative effects of alcohol prove just that. Having a meaningful work experience means feeding your mind with things that encourage inspiration and innovation, not a substance that dulls your senses.

Love & alcohol... Good times being bad!

As mentioned above, if the brain doesn’t function properly, the body won’t, too. Alcoholic beverages weren’t meant as an energy or work drink anyways, but for leisure. Ever see someone who drank wine or beer to be more focused? No. Maybe a glass of vodka, but that’s when the day has died down and one needed to unwind.

UK-based writer Joanna Penn mentions in one of her blog articles that William Faulkner separated his writing and drinking. Having an alcoholic beverage was only done to de-stress. Faulkner stated that drinking did not contribute positively to the creative process.

Prohibition of alcohol or "Dry Law".

Penn kindly reminds readers,

You can have a few drinks without it affecting your writing or your life. It can be a pleasure, if not abused.”

The assumption that alcohol ushers creativity is false. If writing, a highly imaginative and innovative type of work, is not supported by a lifestyle of consuming alcoholic beverages, then this follows suite with all other kinds of vocations. Think before you drink. It could very well save your career.

True or False: Too Much Love Can Kill You

too much love can kill you

“ Yeah, too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It’ll drain the power that’s in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You’re the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time ”

That’s the chorus of Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You”, penned by guitarist Brian May and sung by Freddie Mercury (d. 1991). Seems a bit exaggerated, you think. They probably meant either: 1) Love could drive you crazy, especially when you’re torn between two people you want to be with, 2) Being too in love could kill you (via suicide), or 3) both.

 But just as the apt Queen ditty is, the answer to the question above is true. Too much love can kill you. Yup, we are seriously going to answer this question. :)

Obsessive love

The prognosis of the unhealthy mania towards your partner in a relationship is documented in the “Obsessive Love Wheel”. It is composed of four parts:

obsessive love wheel

The attraction stage is when you become infatuated to someone you see. It may start physically or emotionally, or what have you. From here, either a real or “perceived” relationship is developed. Either one of the partners can be classified as RD, or relationally dependent.

Love or Lust?

The next stage after attraction is anxiety. When you’re in the relationship, your insecurities as a person suddenly kick in. You become prone to its effects such as fear, illogical reasoning, anger, and neediness. This is a sign of you becoming uneasy about the nature of the relationship.


Obsession comes after. With the fear of losing a loved one, either partner resorts to extreme control tactics in an attempt to keep it “together”. Some of these could include stalking, excessive communication over the phone, text, e-mail, chat, or other means, guilt trips, and tunnel vision (an unhealthy, constant focus on one’s partner).

You are the piece of me I wish I didn't need

Once the obsession reaches a tipping point, the relationship ends and the destructive tendencies set in.


Because of one’s neurotic attachment post-break up, he/she may result to either of the following damaging actions to either numb the emotional pain or attempt to cancel it altogether:


Can’t breathe…

A huge factor in this emotionally damaging case is the act of smothering. By definition, smothering means ‘to suffocate; suppress”. Either partner demands too much of the other’s time or presence to satisfy one’s emotional needs.

can't breathe

can’t breathe… literally! hahahaha!!

The problem with smothering is that the focus is in your wants and needs, never the partner’s. This is how love can be considered overkill. Hence the, “I need space/room to breathe/think we should see other people,” line during break ups. Too much is required that the other partner can’t keep up with the high demand, causing one to leave the relationship in order to be free.

let go

If either one is relationally dependent based on our illustration above, then he/she is prone to the effects of the obsessive love wheel, resulting in damaging actions that could lead to one’s demise.


It’s true. Too much love can kill. In order to avoid that, a person must first evaluate the reason/s he/she is entering into a relationship. Is it because you love your partner unconditionally to put their hopes and dreams above yours, or do you need to be in control all the time, setting off a course of destructive actions that will damage you in the long run?

Think long and hard before getting a boyfriend/girlfriend. Either two scenarios can happen: You could end up with the love of your life, or it could mean an early death. Yours.

P.S. Here’s your takeaway lesson:

Easier said than done, but I'll give it a try...

Seemingly Immortal Companies That Filed For Bankruptcy


Though large businesses have managed to stay afloat in recent years in an unstable economic climate, this does not mean that they are impervious to the ups and downs of stocks, market crashes and other factors that may come into play. Here are a few companies whose empires have fallen and/or closed for good:

#1. Lehman Brothers

In 2003, well-known investment firm Lehman Brothers got into mortgage debt as part of their financial strategy. In 5 years’ time, they had incurred losses, failed to secure a government loan to stay alive and owed $613 billion in debt.

A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers by Lawrence G. McDonald. $11.68. Publication: October 12, 2010. Publisher: Crown Business; Reprint edition (October 12, 2010). Author: Lawrence G. McDonald


The combination of these factors caused the company to declare bankruptcy and fold in September of 2008. Unfortunately, their collapse caused the global economical crisis during the latter part of 2008. The Lehman Brothers’ filing for bankruptcy was the largest in the history of corporate America.

#2 General Motors

Subsequently, during the global economic meltdown, General Motors ( Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Baojun, Holden, Isuzu, Jie Fang, Opel, Vauxhall) was one of many companies that also suffered from this crisis. Sales suffered drastically, as people tightened belts on spending.

Bumblebee on GM

 Seriously, who would even consider purchasing a car worth $23k-$60k in the middle of an economic crunch? They even closed several brands like Pontiac, Saab, Hummer, and Saturn. But unlike the Lehman Brothers, they were able to secure a government loan, as the government wanted to save the industry’s jobs. Thankfully, in 2010, GM returned to profitability.

P.S. General Motors was the company for supplying automobiles for Michael Bay’s Transformers movie trilogy.

#3 Kmart

In 1994, the retail store closed 110 stores after failing to invest in computer technology to manage their supply chain while competitors Walmart and Target were able to do so.

1970 Kmart.  I can remember those little "horsie" carousels that were outside of EVERY Kmart.  My mom and 101 year old Great-Grandmother always made it a point to see to it that my sister and I rode on the little "horsie" carousel every time we went to Kmart back then, which seemed like a lot.

In 2002, they filed for bankruptcy due to the corruption of then chairman and president Chuck Conway and Mark Schwartz, respectively, amassing personal fortunes while fooling stockholders that the company was doing relatively fine. Kmart dismissed both Conway and Schwartz, closed 300 more stores, and laid off 34,000 employees. After a series of mergers and acquisitions in the following years, they seem relatively fine.

#4 Carrian Group

Headed by George Tan, this was once one of Hong Kong’s largest conglomerates with businesses such as real estate, finance, shipping, hotels, and a formidable taxi fleet.

George Tan

George Tan – Founder of the Carrian Group

A scandal involving Bumiputra Malay Finance (based in HK) and Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad (of Malaysia) led to reports of account fraud, a bank auditor’s murder, and a suicide of a finance advisor. The conglomerate shut down in 1983 and is considered the largest bankruptcy in HK.

#5 BlackBerry Limited

Years ago, it was predicted that BlackBerry devices would become outdated like the pager. With this recent news of the once mighty BB leaving the market (, it looks like that forecast has come true.


The company has close to $1 billion in operating losses in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2014, according to an online article on Yahoo! ( To make matters worse, the company has laid off 4,500 workers. It looks like Android and iPhone have finally put a competitor out for good. Rest in peace, BlackBerry. You will be remembered.

Of course, there is no use reading this kind of material if you don’t learn anything from it. Here’s my takeaway:

Bankrupt without love. 1 Corinthians 12 (Message Translation). Designed by Stephen Murrill

Hihi… :) Spreading my LOVE to all you Fresh Milk readers! :)

10 Sacrifices You Have To Make To Be Happy


Happiness Is A Choice

Abraham Lincoln said once, “Happiness is a choice. Most folk are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” The wisdom of Mr. Abe is true. Happiness is a personal choice. No one else but you can make it. Sometimes that means making sacrifices to break the current status quo in your life. If you’re feeling a bit blue right now, here are a few sacrifices you might consider making in order to turn that frown upside-down.

#10: Career-wise, do what you love

In my work life, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of meeting two kinds of people. The first was a group of people who left their jobs they were comfortable with just because they were blinded by the fact they could make a truckload of money in another. They’ve turned out miserable; caught up in the circumstance they put themselves in.

you go girl.

On the other hand, I’ve met people who did struggle with their career early on, but found their true calling even if it didn’t offer them the same salary or benefits of a corporate job. Theirs is a content, fulfilled, and happy life.

listen to your heart

I was jumping from job-to-job until I figured out what I really wanted to do: writing. Now, I’m able to share my experience with you guys here. Take it from me. Money is the answer to a lot of problems, but not lack of happiness. Go and find that thing that makes you tick. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see.

#9: Stop pleasing others

Having everyone’s friendship and approval never happens.

Before you Judge me... Make sure that you're Perfect

You can’t befriend and please everybody. Find out who are worth creating friendships and delighting. I’ll admit this often “trial and error”, but it’ll pay off once you find out who they are.

#8: Exercise

Bumming is fun. Who hasn’t enjoyed with the idea of just being a couch potato at home watching movie and having a beer with a bag of chips? But if you really want to be happy, get off your couch and get some blood pumping.

Drop and give me zen: drop regrets, drop limited beliefs, drop resentments, drop doubts, drop worries. #zen #happiness

According to an article at, exercising releases endorphins making you…well…happy! What’s even better is you can spread the happiness by exercising with your friends.

#7: Save up

We live in a “acquire more” generation. It’s all about having the newest Apple product or the latest Android gadget. Stop buying what you don’t need.


Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge.

Save your cash. It might hurt now, but it’ll be beneficial for you and your family (if ever) later on.

#6: Be debt-free

In conjunction with #5, don’t borrow money to buy stuff you don’t need or can’t even afford. Remember, it’s better to have cash on hand than liquid assets that depreciate over time like a cellphone, computer, or car.

#5: Break it off with your girlfriend/boyfriend

Stop being caged in a relationship. Give yourself a chance to breathe again. Free yourself to meet new people, focus on career, or maintain your present relationships with friends and family members you probably neglected while you were in a relationship.


Find God, find yourself – that’s what will make you complete.

#4: Get off social media

Don’t spend too much time on social media. Your Facebook friends don’t count. Most of them are just acquaintances, anyway. Spend time with your real friends. Watch a movie or hang out with them.

#3: Stop wallowing

Whether if it was a break-up with your significant other or a really bad divorce, let yourself grieve and move on.

self worth

The only member of a pity party is you, and that’s just sad. Get some help from family and close friends.

#2: Cry

Releasing your emotions once in a while is healthy. Men, this special shout out goes out to all of you. Stop pretending to be okay when you’re not.


Keep in mind that it’s okay not to be okay. If you’re in a relationship, showing emotions like depression or frustration is good, but don’t wallow. That’s never beneficial for any party.

#1: Stop procrastinating

What are you doing still reading this article? Find what makes you happy and do it now! Go!

Why We Should Give Ben Affleck A Chance As The New Batman


When news struck about Ben Affleck becoming the new Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, comic book fans and geeks alike were enraged. Honestly, it did feel like a sucker punch that left us all in a doozy. I mean, who can ever forget the horrible superhero movie that was Marvel’s Daredevil, where he starred as the titular character back in 2003? It was horrible. Somehow, that image of Ben never left, making that the main basis for the criticism. When I heard about this, I was also shocked. But after a moment, I suspended my disbelief and said on Facebook that I was looking forward to Ben’s interpretation Batman, hoping he doesn’t pull a Daredevil with this one.

Bat Affleck

Take that haters!

Most of the comments have been negative. Understandable, since we’re still fresh from Christian Bale’s memorable portrayal of Gotham’s Dark Knight. But let’s look at the bright side for a moment and see why the ex-Daredevil star, now affectionately called Bat Affleck, should be given a chance.

Reason #1: Surprise!

Affleck joins an exclusive group of actors who were first heavily disapproved, but later on lauded, for their casting as movie characters. Remember Heath Ledger? He was terribly amazing as Batman’s antithesis The Joker in Nolan’s Dark Knight (2008), even posthumously winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the 81st Academy Awards a year later.

The Joker

Welcome to the club, Ben!

But prior to nabbing his movie role magnum opus, Ledger was negatively criticized as not being “fit” to play The Joker because of his past movies like A Knight’s Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Another actor who was also criticized for being cast as Batman was Michael Keaton! Widely regarded as a comedic actor, he was also deemed unfit to play the Dark Knight. It was only until the release of Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) where the naysayers shut their mouths. His performance was well received. Keaton’s Batman arguably remains one of the best portrayals ever seen.

Reason #2: It’s time for a re-invention.

Let’s face it, after Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, a reboot for the character was inevitable. Affleck has the opportunity to re-interpret one of DC’s most beloved characters. It’ll be interesting to see which aspects of the character he’ll embody onscreen. Bale was realistic and brooding in and out of the cowl, while Keaton was dark and twisted, with gravitas, owing to the direction of Tim Burton.

tumblr_mpbrmtBSzz1r1incio2_500 dark_knight_villains batman-riddler-symbol

Batman has other traits that have yet to be brought to life, such as his detective skills, physicality and strength as a fighter (he is considered an Olympian-level athlete in the comics), and the highly intellectual, calculating, and ever-ready tactician (he is ready for possibly any threat). It will be exciting to see which of these, or others unmentioned, Bat Affleck will bring.

Reason #3: He could be a good creative influence.

Aside from being an actor, Ben Affleck is also a commended director. He directed the critically acclaimed The Town and Argo, which won 3 Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Editing).

Batt Affleck

What does this mean? Aside from acting chops, he brings with him movie-making experience. He could give Snyder tips on how to balance and further characterize Superman and Batman.

Reason #4: He’s got the blessings of previous Batmen and then some.

Val Kilmer, Adam West, and even Michael Keaton have given him their approval. It seems they’ve passed on the cowl to a worthy successor.

Can’t believe it? Here’s Michael Keaton’s approval of Bat Affleck recorded by TMZ:

Others who have voiced their support for Ben are BFF Matt Damon who said,

“I think it will be great. It will be terrific. I know there are a lot of people grousing on the Internet. I just think it’s kind of funny. You know, he’s not playing King Lear. It’s Batman! Certainly within his skill set…”

And Kevin Smith, who is one of the actor’s good friends and has frequently worked with him rose to Ben’s defense on Twitter during the height of the criticisms.

Here’s one last word…from none other than Batman himself:

There was this online petition created last month saying Warner Bros. should take out Affleck as the new Batman. They’ve said that that the number of signatures could possibly have reached more than a hundred thousand by now. Only time will tell how Ben will do as Gotham City’s protector. Personally, I can’t wait for all these haters to be proven wrong when he blows them away with his depiction of the Dark Knight.

5 Reasons Why Smartphones Make Us Dumb


We live in the smartphone generation. Communication has evolved from simple mobile capabilities to multifaceted capacities. Aside from being able to communicate via text and calls, these devices can solve complex computations, and connect to the Internet, allowing the user to download virtually any information needed at a given time and place at the touch of a button.

smartphone addict

“must… update….. my…. facebook status”

 That’s not necessarily a good thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing smartphones. I own and use one, too. They have positively influenced our day-to-day lives, especially in how we interact with one another. But we also have to consider the negative effects of these devices, mainly dumbing us down because we’ve become so hooked on them. Here’s why:

#1: You’re connected (or shall I say affected) 24/7

Sure, with Internet capacity, your smartphone is a like a portable and smaller version of a PC. You can be online on Twitter, Facebook, e-mails and whatever else social media app you have. That’s not good because you exist only on virtual reality. It affects, well…reality…as a whole.

live it up

Live the real world, man… LIVE!!

Why not clean your room, or walk around the mall? Go read a book, or something. Speaking of, when was the last time you held a legit hardbound book? Or went hiking to see the world atop a mountain. Just do something apart from the “activities” on your smartphone – trust me, it’ll make you emotionally smart and mentally renewed.

#2: Your VIRTUAL social life is up, but your REAL social life is down!

Remember when we said that 24/7 connection to your smartphone affects real life? Yeah, this is one of them. Since you spend more and more time online (a study shows that people online spend 22% of their time on social media), you forget how to socialize with real people.

facebook hand

It may look like Ginseng, but it has the opposite effects!

 When was the last time you actually interacted with a group of people, said ‘hi’, or even carried a conversation with an actual human being? That was a million years ago. Now you’re just limited to acronyzed phrases such as LOL, OMG, ROFL, TCCIC, or GTGCMSPIKMSL*. Bet you can’t figure out that last one, huh?

#3: It messes up your sleeping patterns – which reduces your brain power

Sleeping late is another bad effect of being online too much because of game apps or social media. Lack of sleep cuts oxygen supply from your brain and brings down your mental alertness, which is just a nice way of saying lack of sleep due to excessive smartphone use makes you dumb. When I first got my smartphone (a Lenovo S890), I was late for a few weeks straight playing not even a downloaded game app (Fishing Joy was a fun game) and going online on Twitter and FB.

social media insomia

whoa! this is too accurate…

My average sleeping time was 1 am to 3 am. The worst was when I slept at around 5 am. My sleeping patterns have since returned to normal (11 pm latest), but that’s because I curbed my smartphone use to only texting, calls, and minor social media use before bedtime.

#4: It totally MESSES your PRIVACY POLICY

Anyways, this is a personal pet peeve of mine. Work is work. Home is home. There is a line that distinguishes that. Smartphones don’t just blur the line. They totally disregard it. When you’re accessible 24/7, that means your boss can send you e-mails during the unholiest or most unexpected hours of the day, and expect you to answer. Taking a dump? Expect an e-mail saying there’s a meeting in 5 minutes, and you need to respond. Nope, not being in the bathroom is an excuse because you were online.

angry cat

This has nothing to do with the topic, I just needed to share it… hahaha :)

 Pretty soon all you can think of is work. Learn to balance to work/play and life. You can do this by turning off your Wi-Fi or data plan connection at home or in the car.

#5: Getting into an accident because you were distracted by your phone is DUMB!

Getting your text message, FB, or Twitter updates isn’t just mildly distracting; it completely takes your attention out of whatever you’re doing. Just the sound of your phone popping because of a fresh tweet makes you scramble for your phone faster than a zombie can say, “Brains!” Actually, you are a zombie. But instead of brains, you’re hankering for smartphones.

dangers of driving

Don’t check your social media updates while driving!

Your attention is diverted from important tasks like finishing that important document, driving, or life, in general. Getting into a vehicular accident or missing out on an important conversation because you were distracted by your smartphone is just dumb. As with the previous reason, it pays to turn it off.

*GTGCMSPIKMSL – Got to go ‘coz my smarpthone is killing my social life 

Did You Know That Hugging Makes Us Healthier?

You heard right. It does make you healthier. We’re not fooling you with that title. It’s true. Though it won’t make you lose 100 lbs., (okay, this will totally make sense in a bit, I promise), there are several ways that hugging improves our overall personal vigor. It starts with the peptide oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone in the pituitary gland. When released into the body, it decreases stress, fear, anxiety, lowers your blood pressure, and increases your well-being and your memory performance. Oxytocin is present during childbirth and breastfeeding to increase the bonding experience shared between mother and child. It is also known for positively augmenting social behavior and closeness between parents, children, and couples. This unique peptide can be considered the “love hormone”.


Oxytocin – the LOVE doctor, I mean hormone :)

There’s a unique feature about hugs and oxytocin: it only works when you hug people you trust. Studies say that as hugging people you love benefits you, the inverse also applies: hugging a total stranger or someone you don’t trust increases stress levels.

Hugs can also adversely affect ones personally in a good way. It softens one’s personality. Over time, it makes him or her more empathic to the feelings of others in their surroundings. So if you see an angsty person around you, give that person a hug. Just kidding. You might get punched in the face.

Hug someone, every day.  It's a proven antidepressant and can say something that words just can't.

They also teach you the nature of relationships. It’s all about give and take. You hug, you’re hugged back, and vice versa. It teaches us that love is reciprocated between two people.

Hugging is also a love language as it illustrates physical touch as a way of communicating love to another. That being said, it’s best to find other huggers in order to create a healthy bond with them.

Hugs - best feeling in the world!

Lastly, when you relish a hug with someone, it momentarily disconnects us from our brains and connects us to our hearts. That’s why people who hug a lot are attuned to their emotions and feelings. So girls, if you want your man to talk more (yes, guys don’t share stuff voluntarily but that can be changed ;)), hug him often. Depending on your approach, he’ll be sharing more stuff with you, or break up with you. We hope it’s the former.

There’s a lot of talk on the number of hugs someone should receive. Is it 4, 8, 12 a day? We won’t give you a definite number. But all we’ll say is get a lot of hugs as often as you can for a happier, healthier you!