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Hello and welcome to Fresh Milk!

First and foremost, we would like to extend a cyber-hug to your awesome self for visiting our community blog. May you be forever free of traffic jams or parking tickets. You can’t have both. Nobody’s that lucky.

Anyway, before you continue exploring our site’s content, we encourage you to intently go through our Site Policy to avoid any rebukes, sanctions, and, if you’re really naughty, decapitations.

Understand that we only formulated these rules to maximize peace and order within Fresh Milk. If some of our statements are unclear to you, or if you have any comments and suggestions regarding them, well, that’s what our Contact Us page is for.

1) If you want our beautiful and suave editors to publish your content on our site and market it (wow that’s asking for a lot), then you’re gonna have to (1) give us rights to your content, (2) check if your content is deserving of Fresh Milk readers, and (3) prove to us that you are in fact the author of your content.

2) Plagiarizing content from this site is strictly prohibited. We’re serious. If you utilize Fresh Milk Content to advance your own agenda without citing us as a source, our alluring and majestic editors might surprise you at home and destroy your internet connection. They’re still thinking about it.

3) For Guest Posts and other submissions, please be unequivocally sure that your work does not violate any copyright laws. I know that “copy” usually goes with “paste” – but on our turf, “copy” goes with “right”. Please respect that.

4) Respect. We are all human beings who deserve life, liberty, candy and a good laugh every once in a while. Regardless of race, color, status or creed, everyone is welcome to contribute to Fresh Milk. If you start stepping on other people’s toes, we will hunt you down and step on your face – how do you feel about that?! So… no harassing others, please treat everybody the way you would want to be treated.

5) Before using services that are available on the site, such as Guest Posting and commenting, you should know that doing so gives us the permission to use your content as reference on any future material/s that we may produce (whenever possible, we will cite you as the source).

6) Should there be any improper and/or abusive behaviour, we reserve the right to strip off some site privileges you may have, or just kick you out of the community.

7) Comments are more than welcome. Please do not hesitate to share your stories, experiences, life’s mistakes, quotes, tips – basically, anything that you think would be valuable to the community and relevant to the topic which you are commenting on.

8) We are all for freedom of expression and open mindedness, but there is a moral line. Please ensure that your conversations and/or debates are intelligent, appropriate (no obscene language please) and respectful.We expect the comment sections to be civil; it’s okay to disagree, but guys, no fighting please. What the difference between fighting and disagreeing? Ask Google… Seriously! :)

In a nutshell: PLEASE BEHAVE.

Thank you and God bless!
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Site Use Policy