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10 Indie Songs That Be On Your Playlist

Mainstream music is hip. There’s nothing like listening to what’s on the Billboard Top 20 or 100 to keep one’s self in-the-know with the music industry. But listening to all that Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and the like can get pretty tiring pretty quick.

quote: and for that one moment while the music plays...

If you find yourself in that musical crossroad, it might be time to take a break from what’s popular and check out independent (indie) rock. For a brief overview, indie rock is an umbrella term for bands that aren’t signed to any major labels, but independent ones. They often have an eclectic mix of genres like traditional rock, dance, pop, blues, electronica, and many more. These groups gained a following on their own with hard work, musicality, and a little help from GarageBand and/or YouTube.

It might be time for you to listen to something new and fresh, and indie music can give you just that. Here are 10 songs (in no particular order) you should consider putting in your playlist. Who knows, you might even like these songs so much you’ll get into this new genre of indie music.

10. All The People | Artist: Circle | Album: The Middle

This track from the band’s debut album is enchantingly nostalgic and poignant about the human condition. A perfect listening for rainy days. Feels included.

9. When They Fight, They Fight | Artist: Generationals | Album: Con Law

There’s nothing like a bit of old school sound to add variety in your iPod. Play this song with your parents and listen to them reminisce about their younger years. Trivia: This song was featured in season 1 of popular legal dramedy Suits.

8. Wish You Were Here | Artist: Lee Fields & the Expressions | Album: Faithful Man

This is a wonderfully painful cry of someone pining after a loved one long gone from this world. Soulful and full of blues, lead singer Lee Field’s wailing gives it breadth and depth. Tissue not included.

7. All I Want | Artist: Kodaline | Album: In A Perfect World

This single is a wistful recollection of a relationship that once was. If you give it a double take, All I Want reminds you of an acoustic Coldplay.

6. Long Distance Call | Artist: Phoenix | Album: It’s Never Been Like That

It’s a song from Phoenix. What’s not to like?

5. Unbelievers | Artist: Vampire Weekend | Album: Modern Vampires of the City

Pure ear candy, especially with the warm organ and piano parts interspersed on the track.

4. Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix) | Artist: The Weeknd | Album: Kiss Land

Perfect track for a small house party or driving around the neighborhood.

3. Anna Sun | Artist: Walk The Moon | Album: Walk The Moon

You’ll definitely get hooked on the electric rock vibe of this song.

2. VCR | Artist: The xx | Album: The xx

The fourth single of the Brit band can be aptly described as a hypnotic pop lullaby.

1. Electric Feel | Artist: MGMT | Album: Oracular Spectacular

Considering that MGMT tap into a breadth of different genres in their music, this song sounds weird, but the good kind.