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11 Weird Products That Made Millions

There are just some things in this world that do not have explanations. Aside from ghostly creatures and other spiritual circumstances, the material world possesses bizarre products that you never expect to be accepted and wanted by many people. Take a look at these 11 weird products that made loads of cash.

1. Tennis Racket Made of Cow Intestines

tennis cow

If you think cow intestines are pulled out only for meat-eaters’ food, you’re wrong. In 1875, Pierre Babolat came up with the first ever tennis racket that’s made of cow’s small intestines. Consisting of 120 feet in length, the intestines were first treated with chemicals for preservation and dried the strands for six weeks to prevent cracking. Surprisingly, the end product has been wanted by so many of the world’s best professional tennis players.

2. Pet Rock

pet rock

Who would want a rock as a pet? While the natural way of thinking says that only animals can be treated as pets, a former advertising executive named Dahl sold rocks that were placed on hay complete with the pet training manual and a card board box for $3.95. Each sale gave him $3 as profit. The idea became a hit and became one of the greatest trends for the record.

3. Doggles


It’s not only humans who wear sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun. Our dogs can also don a pair of sunglasses that look like goggles. These accessories, called Doggles, are invented to protect our pets’ eyes from the sun’s glare all the same. They also help to keep off the dirt and dust in the atmosphere and wind so dogs would not produce tears as much. These spectacles for dogs were sold at $19.90. Many pet owners loved the idea.

4. iFart Mobile Application


This is not a tangible product but one that entertains everyone in the family or a group of friends. The iFart mobile application sounded like an absurd idea. It retailed at $0.99, just like any other regular apps newly released in the AppStore. Joel Comm, its creator, got the last laugh, as the application sold like pancakes in the market. To date, the app has over 600,000 downloads!

5. Snuggie


A common sight in airplanes, snuggie is a blanket worn as clothing. Especially in long flights when passengers cannot take the cold, they wear snuggies instead of covering themselves with jacket, sweater or thick socks and leggings to reach out for warmth and comfort. Price of a snuggie ranges from $10 to $20. To date, there are over 20 million people who bought this blanket wrap.

6. Slinky


With over 250 million of profit and counting, Naval engineer Richard James’ innovation is nothing but brilliant. It is called Slinky, a pre-compressed helical spring that was born in the 1940s. “Slinky” is a Swedish word meaning “sleek” or “sinuous.” This toy was made in two years and now has become one of the classic toys ever made. It stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps one end at a time.

7. Magic 8 Ball

Another toy that made millions was the Magic 8 Ball. No, this toy does not have magic powers but it has the power to keep you entertained for several minutes while playing it. It appears as a crystal sphere used by fortune tellers to predict the nearest future. Typically used for entertainment, this ball became most popular in the 1950s when most fortune-telling fans bought the idea.

8. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass

The Big Mouth Billy Bass appears as a mounted game fish but actually it is a toy that sings kitschy cover songs. The material is made of latex rubber stretched over a plastic mechanical frame. The fish would play music when an unsuspecting person passed by.

9. Furby


Originally released in 1998, the Furby toy which looked like an owl that had two feet, two eyes, two rabbit years and a beak of a bird quickly became a fad. Standing at six inches, this toy could speak in English but more like gibberish English. The price skyrocketed at $40 and the business became very rewarding.

10. Tamagotchi


Generation X and Generation Y people probably had gotten the most enjoyment in playing this little toy called Tamagotchi. If your parents do not allow you to have pets at home, consider getting this electric pet. You can have a dog, bird, cat, fish, dinosaur and other animals that you feed, play with and take care every day. Tamagotchi starts with a battery-powered egg that hatches into an electronic pet you watch on screen.

11. Beanie Babies


Invented by Ty Warner in 1995, Beanie Babies gave a profit of over $700 million. Beanie Babies are stuffed toys that are not made out of cotton and regular materials but of beans or plastic pellets. Because of this, they are cheaper and hence more affordable for the common public to buy.

The market is really a hit or miss. While some function to improve or save people’s lives, some are there to add spark of genius and make things easier for us. There are so many unique creations made and even if they do not have reasonable justifications for our use, people still embrace the idea until they become the next craze.