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8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Posting Excessively On Facebook

Statuses, comments, photos, audio, video – these are just some of the updates we share with our friends on Facebook. It’s become part of our culture to make social media our repository for your life’s happenings. But have we actually taken the time to mull over what we post or not post, or more importantly, why? Sure, sharing ideas with friends or spending time online to communicate is great, but you have to be prudent about it. Here are 8 reasons why you should stop posting excessively on FB:

#1: You’ve forgotten your real social life.

facebook addict

Hello? Do you still know how to carry an actual conversation? Or are you restricted to LOL, AFK, and BRB? Remember what it was like to socialize with real, living, breathing, carbon-based life forms (i.e., your friends)? You know, your real life friends who actually care about what’s happening in your life. Friends who want to bond with you over dinner or just want to hang out? Yeah, you’ve got to stop posting on FB and chill with your friends in person. Stop typing and start talking.

#2: Nobody cares about your game/app updates.

Seriously, I’ve seen a few of these on my news feed. Nobody cares if your Knight Warrior on Dragoon Killers leveled up from 27 to 28 after slaying a level 30 Dark Dragoon. Take that off everyone’s news feed.

#3: Game/app invites are annoying.


Personally, these are just annoying. Not everyone on FB plays Candy Crush Saga (and I’ve encountered a few FB friends who’ve posted the same sentiment on a few occasions) so stop inviting us.

#4: Vanity shots are just… bleh!


Seriously, do you have to take a photo before you eat, before you drink, before you sleep?

These are much more irritating than game updates or invites. Nothing says, “I’m desperate for attention. Notice me, OMG PLEASE NOTICE ME!” better than excessive selfies of a girl (or guy) in a duck face and/or a very awkward fashion pose (bet twerking’s the latest selfie craze after Miley’s VMA incident).These photos might even include a wise quote just to make the photo look clever, but they end up looking senseless anyways. Ladies, if you’ve got self-esteem or daddy issues (sometimes, they go hand-in-hand), settle them outside Facebook. Don’t involve the rest of us with your vanity poses.

#5: Indirect hinting

facebook addict

well, in this case, not really indirect…

This is a very popular tactic. If you just want to pick on someone for no reason, find him/her annoying, or you really have a case against him/her because they offended you, you post a blind item status without mentioning who is/are involved. Apparently, that solves everything.

Personally, this makes my blood boil because it’s so immature to the very core. It’s akin to throwing your very own pity party on social media and having your “friends” comfort you. If you have issues with someone, grow a pair and deal with it in person. Hiding behind Facebook and getting likes from so many of your “friends” doesn’t make you right. It just makes you a coward.

#6: You’re dwelling in fantasy.

Let’s take a tally.

Virtual Life: FB friends – over 9000; Social activity – buzzing with life

Real Life: Friends – 0; Social skills – 0.

Yeah, your virtual life wins. Go out of your house and get a life, a real one, at that.

#7: Too much posting destroys privacy – yours.

Facebook privacy settings

Nobody needs up-to-the-minute feeds of where you are or what you’re doing. We don’t need to know that, at 12:46 pm, you had too much for lunch and puked in the office toilet. How do we know? Well, you took a picture and posted it for everyone to see.

Oversharing does not paint a very good picture about you. Nobody wants to read your life as an open book.

#8: We get ahead of ourselves.

think before you post

Ever looked at your previous posts and thought, “Man, why did I have to post that?” Exactly. Our emotions and fingertips get the better of us. Pretty soon, we’re posting things that shouldn’t have been in the first place. This dangerous combination doesn’t make us think anymore. We just go ahead with how we feel without any regard for the appropriateness of the post. Before clicking the ‘Post’ button, think about it. “Is it really necessary to share this to all my FB friends?” There’s a wise proverb that goes, “Think before you speak.” In this case, “Think before you post.

5 Reasons Why Smartphones Make Us Dumb


We live in the smartphone generation. Communication has evolved from simple mobile capabilities to multifaceted capacities. Aside from being able to communicate via text and calls, these devices can solve complex computations, and connect to the Internet, allowing the user to download virtually any information needed at a given time and place at the touch of a button.

smartphone addict

“must… update….. my…. facebook status”

 That’s not necessarily a good thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing smartphones. I own and use one, too. They have positively influenced our day-to-day lives, especially in how we interact with one another. But we also have to consider the negative effects of these devices, mainly dumbing us down because we’ve become so hooked on them. Here’s why:

#1: You’re connected (or shall I say affected) 24/7

Sure, with Internet capacity, your smartphone is a like a portable and smaller version of a PC. You can be online on Twitter, Facebook, e-mails and whatever else social media app you have. That’s not good because you exist only on virtual reality. It affects, well…reality…as a whole.

live it up

Live the real world, man… LIVE!!

Why not clean your room, or walk around the mall? Go read a book, or something. Speaking of, when was the last time you held a legit hardbound book? Or went hiking to see the world atop a mountain. Just do something apart from the “activities” on your smartphone – trust me, it’ll make you emotionally smart and mentally renewed.

#2: Your VIRTUAL social life is up, but your REAL social life is down!

Remember when we said that 24/7 connection to your smartphone affects real life? Yeah, this is one of them. Since you spend more and more time online (a study shows that people online spend 22% of their time on social media), you forget how to socialize with real people.

facebook hand

It may look like Ginseng, but it has the opposite effects!

 When was the last time you actually interacted with a group of people, said ‘hi’, or even carried a conversation with an actual human being? That was a million years ago. Now you’re just limited to acronyzed phrases such as LOL, OMG, ROFL, TCCIC, or GTGCMSPIKMSL*. Bet you can’t figure out that last one, huh?

#3: It messes up your sleeping patterns – which reduces your brain power

Sleeping late is another bad effect of being online too much because of game apps or social media. Lack of sleep cuts oxygen supply from your brain and brings down your mental alertness, which is just a nice way of saying lack of sleep due to excessive smartphone use makes you dumb. When I first got my smartphone (a Lenovo S890), I was late for a few weeks straight playing not even a downloaded game app (Fishing Joy was a fun game) and going online on Twitter and FB.

social media insomia

whoa! this is too accurate…

My average sleeping time was 1 am to 3 am. The worst was when I slept at around 5 am. My sleeping patterns have since returned to normal (11 pm latest), but that’s because I curbed my smartphone use to only texting, calls, and minor social media use before bedtime.

#4: It totally MESSES your PRIVACY POLICY

Anyways, this is a personal pet peeve of mine. Work is work. Home is home. There is a line that distinguishes that. Smartphones don’t just blur the line. They totally disregard it. When you’re accessible 24/7, that means your boss can send you e-mails during the unholiest or most unexpected hours of the day, and expect you to answer. Taking a dump? Expect an e-mail saying there’s a meeting in 5 minutes, and you need to respond. Nope, not being in the bathroom is an excuse because you were online.

angry cat

This has nothing to do with the topic, I just needed to share it… hahaha :)

 Pretty soon all you can think of is work. Learn to balance to work/play and life. You can do this by turning off your Wi-Fi or data plan connection at home or in the car.

#5: Getting into an accident because you were distracted by your phone is DUMB!

Getting your text message, FB, or Twitter updates isn’t just mildly distracting; it completely takes your attention out of whatever you’re doing. Just the sound of your phone popping because of a fresh tweet makes you scramble for your phone faster than a zombie can say, “Brains!” Actually, you are a zombie. But instead of brains, you’re hankering for smartphones.

dangers of driving

Don’t check your social media updates while driving!

Your attention is diverted from important tasks like finishing that important document, driving, or life, in general. Getting into a vehicular accident or missing out on an important conversation because you were distracted by your smartphone is just dumb. As with the previous reason, it pays to turn it off.

*GTGCMSPIKMSL – Got to go ‘coz my smarpthone is killing my social life